Of Gods and Men

Of Gods and Men – by Stephen Aryan – A Novella of The Age of Darkness

4.7 / 5.0 stars

This novella by Stephen Aryan takes place prior to the events of Battlemage and stars Vargas, the mysterious figure prominently featured in the original trilogy. Unlike any of Aryan’s novels, this follows Vargus’s POV throughout and recounts some of his experiences as the Gath. While not covering anything central to the plots in either the Age of Darkness or the Age of Dread—at least, not really—it provides some background on Vargas (including the reason he is known as “Weaver”) and unveils another secret that Vargas has been keeping from the world. A terrible, terrible secret that is…

Well, that would be telling.

Sufficient to say that the novella was both interesting and engrossing, and makes me look at Aryan’s world in an entirely different light. I terribly recommend this to anyone that read (and enjoyed) the Age of Darkness Trilogy—Battlemage, Bloodmage, Chaosmage—or Mageborn. Or even fans anew.

Just a tad overpriced. I literally took off 0.3 of a star for that, yeah.

4.7 / 5.0 stars (If possibly a tad overpriced at $4 for something at probably around 60-65 pages. If you’re wondering: Of Gods and Men by Stephen Aryan, the next 15 or so pages is a preview of Battlemage).

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