TTT: 10 Favorite Books of the Last Ten Years

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme pioneered by The Broke and the Bookish, but which now makes its home at That Artsy Reader Girl. I’m… not much of a meme kinda guy, and I can’t say this is one that I’m likely to continue with, but I did enjoy this week’s theme which features your favorite books published by each year over the last decade. I’m sure some or most of you’ll have seen one of these by now (and will be expecting quite a number of Sanderson books).


The Way of Kings – by Brandon Sanderson

I mean, seriously. This is one of my favorite books of all time, and, considering it’s 1000+ pages, more impressive that I’ve read it 3-4 times. The world of Roshar didn’t rekindle my love of fantasy or anything, but it certainly expanded it.


Ready Player One – by Ernest Cline / Leviathan Wakes – by James S. A. Corey

There were actually a couple years that could’ve commanded a pair of books. This one, I honestly couldn’t decide. I loved both of these to the extent I’ve read them multiple times and still kinda want to reread them now.


Blood Song – by Anthony Ryan

Prior to 2012, my favorite book hands down was Eye of the World. Blood Song made this too close a race to call. While the WoT intro got me back into reading, Vaelin Al Sorna’s adventure (the first part, anyway) is just too good and too exciting. I’ve read Blood Song maybe 4-5 times by now, and am skimming through it this year as well!


Three – by Jay Posey

Ain’t seen this one mentioned yet, but the cyberpunk renegade Three totally makes the aptly named “Three” a must-read. Love the cover, too.


Valor – by John Gwynne

A hard choice in 2014 between two heavyweights, but I gave Pierce Brown the nod in 2016, so Gwynne gets it here. Book #2 of the Faithful and the Fallen is like The Empire Strikes back meets The Two Towers. Besides, I loved the rest of the series and was bummed I couldn’t favor any of the rest of them.


Twelve Kings in Sharakai – by Bradley P. Beaulieu

While none of the other Shattered Sands books have lived up to my lofty standards, it’s no wonder when Twelve Kings came out and killed it. Another one of my all-time favs, it stands as a hands-down winner in 2015.


Morning Star – by Pierce Brown

I was actually leaning towards Wrath until I remembered the Son of Mars ended in 2016. I loved Red Rising, but the series’ conclusion was my favorite book of Darrow’s journey, and so it easily gets the nod here.


Oathbringer – by Brandon Sanderson

Yeah, whatever. I probably could’ve let Sanderson have more here, but what kind of list would it be then? No variation, no competition. Had to include Oathbringer, though. It brokered no competition.


Record of a Spaceborn Few – by Becky Chambers

This was actually one of the more difficult years, because… well, um. I had a little trouble remembering what I read. And since I don’t usually read a ton of new books, I then had to remember what came out. The final Wayfarers book delivered an emotional ending to an amazing trilogy.

2019 (so far)

Walking to Aldebaran – by Adrian Tchaikovasky

What to say about this little novella? Well, it’s pretty great. If you need more, check out my review of it.

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