Book Review: The Tattered Prince and the Demon Veiled – by Bradley P. Beaulieu

Song of the Shattered Sands Novella

Fantasy, Epic

Quillings; November 28, 2017

70 pages (ebook)

4.5 / 5 ✪

SPOILERS: Beware minor spoilers for Of Sand and Malice Made.

I used this to brush up a bit on my Shattered Sands before Beneath the Twisted Trees, as well as get some insight into Brama’s backstory after the events of Of Sand and Malice made. Ideally, I’d say you’d want to read this after Sand & Malice, but before A Veil of Spears. The novella is set after Brama has returned to Sharakai following his encounter with the ehrekh Rümayesh (a powerful demon that inhabits the Shangazi), and details the events that lead him to encounter the woman Jax.

I’m not a huge fan of novellas (specifically those that try something new and different) as there’s very little time to get everything out there before you run out of pages. They typically feel cramped, hurried. The Tattered Prince is no great exception, however, as it instead details a backstory (and something previously alluded to), I was much more accepting of it. In fact, I quite enjoyed it.

The Tattered Prince is written in 1st PPOV, narrated by Rümayesh. Upon beginning the tale, Brama is wandering the slums of Sharakai when he spots a foreigner with noble bearing, sticking out amongst the gutter rats which otherwise choke the streets. It turns out that this is Jax, and she and her brother have been hiding amidst the slums in a desperate attempt to escape the assassins sent to kill them. Brama’s subsequent involvement changes the course of his life forever. Uh, again.

A nice bit of backstory filling in the blanks, with a equally interesting bit of lore and insight into at the mind of an ehrekh.

The Tattered Prince is one of a handful of novellas set in the Shattered Sands. I feel like it would actually’ve fit quite nicely at the end of Sand & Malice, but hey as a standalone it wasn’t too bad. You can get it from Beaulieu’s sales for around a buck, but for $3 it’s acceptable. Ish. Acceptable-ish. Actually, I think I got it as a bonus for pre-ordering Veil of Spears. I do believe he’s running the same promo this time around, should one pre-order Twisted Trees.

The cover’s quite nice, too, innit?

Beneath the Twisted Trees is out on July 2nd in the US, and July 4th in the UK.

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