On Tap 07/06

Currently Reading

• Beneath the Twisted Trees – by Bradley P. Beaulieu

I can’t believe I’m STILL reading this! As much as I’d say this is no reflection on the book itself, well… mostly that’s true. But I’ve had a bit of trouble with this one lately; a couple of the characters breaking the mold a bit (Emre, mostly), but also I’ve been playing Red Dead Redemption (in anticipation of playing RDR2 later), and going places and doing things so I’ve slacked off a bit. Should finish it in the next few days HOPEFULLY though, so…

• Planetfall – by Emma Newman

I spent a good while finding this at my local library (it was not where it was supposed to live!), so I hope it’s a good one. I only just started it, but so far it’s good, which obviously means all of nothing. I’ve actually been assured that it’s okay… but the next one’s supposed to be better, so hopefully that’ll be good enough to get through it. Has anyone read this and think it’s A-MAZING? Please, tell me it is. Please, if you must, just lie to me.

Next Up

• The Wolf’s Call – by Anthony Ryan

I’ve this one and a Ryan novella in my TBR pile, but I’m optimistically excited to revisit Vaelin al Sorna. Supposedly, this is more like a return to Blood Song (which I loved) and less like the other two (which I did not love). Glancing through it, the story seems to follow Vaelin exclusively… but who can know? I really hope it’s not another Queen of Fire.

• Charmcaster – by Sebastien de Castell

I’m really in the mood to revisit Kellen and Reichis, and I do have a copy of this waiting. I’ll probably read it in-between something and something else, if one of those two+ things just depress me. Plus, I need to catch up in time for Crownbreaker (Book 6!) later this year.

To Do

I’ve had slightly more free time lately (for not-good reasons, sadly) so I need to find a new audiobook to listen to while gaming. Or writing. Or cooking. Or… whatever. So, please, please if anyone could recommend something…? I’m slightly finicky about readers, but otherwise not picky. I mean, I’ve made it through Lost Gods and two Tides of War books.

I STILL need to review Exit Strategy. I haven’t been able to get past the first paragraph yet, so I’m not sure if I ever will. Additionally, I’m actually planning a game review, so look out for that in the next… year. Also, I’ve been working on reviews for Silver in the Wood and Fall of Dragons, so hopefully those things too.

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