On Tap 07/21

Currently Reading

• Uncanny Collateral – by Brian McClellan

I’ve been looking forward to reading this for a while now, as Brian McClellan is pretty much on my auto-buy list. I got this during some sale or other from his website, which I believe knocked the price down to $3 or so. So far, this urban fantasy is much less impressive than his other work, with a troll-blooded mainstay, a Djinn named Maggie, and a Keith Richards-esque Death. But, we’ll see how it goes.

• The Girl the Sea Gave Back – by Adrienne Young

I’d actually never heard of the author before this book, though I’ve definitely wanted to read it ever since I first read the blurb. A YA Fantasy, tGtSGB utilizes dual 1st PPOVs intermixed with 3rd PPOV flashbacks. I’m… not sure how this one will go. I’m definitely into the premise, but the style reminds me a lot of Iron Gold by Pierce Brown, a book that I finally gave up on because I couldn’t keep track of so many things. Apparently, this is part of the ‘Sky in the Deep’ world that she’s written in before, though I haven’t read.

Next Up

• Charmcaster – by Sebastien de Castell

What’d I say last time? Something like, “I like Kellen and Reichis. Wanna read.” So, that again. I just need to get to it.

• Old Bones – by Preston & Child

I actually somewhat looking forward to this Nora Kelly spinoff now, despite my disappointment with Verses for the Dead. In part, it’s that I’ve enjoyed the few questionable books I’ve read this year, in part it’s that I really enjoyed her as a character. Early thanks to Grand Central Publishing for letting me get it early!

To Do

I’ve a couple of books to review, including the Wolf’s Call by Anthony Ryan and Planetfall by Emma Newman. Short: I liked one, not the other. I have vacationing and outdoor stuff to get to, but I’ll try to keep the reviews steady. They’ve been somewhat less so lately, I know, as I’ve been reading less. Might even make the Manga Monday thing happen this week.

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