On Tap 08/01

Currently Reading

• Old Bones – by Preston & Child

I’m about halfway through the Nora Kelly spinoff and… I dunno. I am enjoying the parts where she runs the show; the Donner Party lore and superstition for the most part; the setting and description and stuff. I just can’t stop thinking of how terrible the endings have been lately in the Pendergast books. But we’ll see.

• Age of War – by Michael J. Sullivan

I’ve been behind on Sullivan’s latest series, but am excited to dive back in! I believe this installment will showcase the series’ power-couple, but if we’ve learnt anything from Brangelina, it’s that they can’t last. With Age of Legend being pushed a bit from where he wanted, I might just be able to catch up before Age of Death drops.

Up Next

• Soulbinder – by Sebastien de Castell

Can’t say exactly why it took me so long to get to these, but I just roared through #3 so it must’ve been overdue. I just discovered that Crownbreaker—the 6th Spellslinger installment, out in October—will in fact be the series’ last. If you haven’t jumped on board for this adventure, now is definitely the time!

• Bloody Rose – by Nicholas Eames

I’m back east for a week, and this should help fill my time. It’s off my TBR, which I really need to shore down. Was inspired a bit by the Tackling the TBR a segment on Niki Hawkes’ blog. Which, incidentally, features both Charmcaster and Bloody Rose. Anyway, if you haven’t read the first, y’all should get on that, as Clay Cooper is a beast and Eames has created an awesome world.

Additional TBR

  1. The Thousand Names – by Django Wexler (Shadow Campaigns #1)
  2. In Shining Armor – by Elliott James (Pax Arcana #4)
  3. A Time of Blood – by John Gwynne (Of Blood and Bone #2)
  4. The Last Stormlord – by Glenda Larke (Watergivers #1)
  5. The Last Mortal Bond – by Brian Staveley (Unhewn Throne #3)

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