On Tap 08/21

Currently Reading

• Bloody Rose – by Nicholas Eames

I really liked Kings of the Wyld, and this is much the same so far. And yet, also so much more. I’ve teared up a number of times already (twice in the first three chapters, even), and expect that to continue through the end. But while tugging the heartstrings, the book also entertains and thrills, which should be more than enough reason to read it!

• Pale Kings – by Micah Yongo

While I didn’t so much enjoy Lost Gods, I thought it showed some potential, and since I was blessed with a free ARC of this I figured it was more than enough reason to give the author another try. So far, so good: the world has sharpened around the edges, the noble assassin nonsense is done with, and the description remains strong.

• The Ember Blade – by Chris Wooding

This is actually my intro to Chris Wooding, though he’s been on my TBR for years. I was a bit dubious when confronted with this monster of a book, but so far it impresses. More than, even, I already can’t wait for the next one! Listening to this one, btw and the reader is truly suited for this role.

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