On Tap 09/04

Currently Reading

Age of War – by Michael J. Sullivan

Second time I’ve started Book #3, but I’m farther along this time. A war is brewing between Fhrey and Rhunes, with all our heroes caught in the middle of it. Once slated to be the epic conclusion of the Legends series, this wraps up many of the storylines. I’ve enjoyed the series so far, with a caveat that it’s cheapened some inventions and annoyed me with others.

• The Alloy of Law – by Brandon Sanderson

2nd, 3rd time I’ve read this—this time I’m doing an audiobook. Reader isn’t bad, and it’s always an entertaining read. I finished the Forbidden Library by Django Wexler and needed another audiobook ASAP. My library only had so many options.

Up Next

• The Dark Blood – by A.J. Smith

I’ve wanted to give the Long War another try, as the Black Guard had some of the best world-building I’ve seen in fantasy, even though it didn’t deliver in other ways. The Dark Blood is the 2nd in the series and is up after Age of War.

• Street Freaks – by Terry Brooks

Got the audio version as a freebie. My expectations aren’t high, but it sounds interesting, and the reader is a good one. Oddly enough, this will be my official intro the Terry Brooks. I’ve read one of his Shannara books, but it was out of order and so long ago I don’t remember it.

To Do

I’m a bit behind on reviewing due to vacation and family issues. That and seasonal work, hunting season and whatever’s upending my sleep schedule means I’ve been negligent. I’ve a pair of de Castell books, three audiobooks, and a couple additional ones still to review. Plus the TBR to get through.

Yeah, well.

Additional TBR

  1. The Last Mortal Bond – by Brian Staveley (Unhewn Throne #3)
  2. A Time of Blood – by John Gwynne (Of Blood & Bone #2)
  3. Babylon’s Ashes – by James S.A. Corey (The Expanse #5)
  4. Limited Wish – by Mark Lawrence (Impossible Times #2)
  5. City of Stairs – by Robert Jackson Bennett (Divine Cities #1)

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