On Tap 10/20

Currently Reading

The Palace of Glass – by Django Wexler

The third book in the Forbidden Library series finds Alice in a race to find a weapon that will allow her to defeat Gerrion and avenge her father.

Fortuna – by Kristyn Merbeth

Seems interesting enough at the outset, but while it features only two POVs, they’re both 1st person, and seem to alternate every chapter. I never feel as immersed in those, and often have trouble keeping who’s who. Love the cover, btw.

The Queen of All Crows – by Rod Duncan

A TBR, one that I’m excited to get into. Sees Elizabeth traveling to America in search of… pirates? I haven’t read the Gas-Lit trilogy, so I’m missing some nuances. Among other things.

Up Next

Age of Legend – by Michael J. Sullivan

With Age of Death out anytime now, I need to catch up. Haven’t forgiven Sullivan for the ending to War yet, but it’s time to move on. …the bastard.

Anyone read any of these? Are they good? And what else SHOULD I be reading? Please let me know!

Additional TBR

  1. A Princess of Mars – by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Barsoom #1)
  2. Star Maker – by Olaf Stapledon
  3. Metro 2035 – by Dmitry Glukhovsky (Metro #3)
  4. Magebane – by Stephen Aryan (Age of Dread #3)

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