TBR – November

So I just finished Age of Legend, but haven’t picked out my next TBR book yet. Though it’ll most likely be #1 or 2 from the following TBR list. But we’ll see, eh?

Top 4

  1. Hitchhiking Through Fire – by Brent McKnight
  2. Age of Death – by Michael J. Sullivan (Legends of the First Empire #5)
  3. Ship of Smoke and Steel – by Django Wexler (Wells of Sorcery #1)
  4. Magebane – by Stephen Aryan (Age of Dread #3)

A bit of a shake-up in the Top 4 since last month. So, I got hard copies of 3 & 4—which I began reading only to stop (yeah, both of ’em; nothing against them, I just had an impossible time focusing on anything when I was ill)—and then a digital copy of #1 which I’m dying to see is any good or not. But then the last Legends book ended in a cliffhanger, so I’ll also probably start AoD before too long.

Next 4

  1. Senlin Ascends – by Josiah Bancroft (Books of Babel #1)
  2. The Thousand Names – by Django Wexler (Shadow Campaigns #1)
  3. The Flames of Shadam Khoreh – by Bradley P. Beaulieu (Lays of Anuskaya #3)
  4. Cold Iron – by Miles Cameron (Masters & Mages #1)

A bunch of series’ starters here, including a second Wexler book, which would be my 4th by the author. Also my 8th Beaulieu and 6th Cameron. Never read anything by Bancroft. YET.

Last 4

  1. An Easy Death – by Charlaine Harris (Gunnie Rose #1)
  2. Metro 2035 – by Dmitry Glukhovsky (Metro #3)
  3. The Last Stormlord – by Glenda Larke (Watergivers #1)
  4. Age of Assassins – by R.J. Barker (The Wounded Kingdom #1)

Several more noobs, then essentially the novelization of Metro: Last Light, or so I’m led to believe. But as Metro 2033 was so much more an existential experience, I’m not convinced.

TBR Finished Since October

  1. Queen of All Crows – by Rod Duncan (Map of Unknown Things #1)
  2. Age of Legend – by Michael J. Sullivan (Legends of the First Empire #4)

Two’s not bad for the latter half of the month I had. AND the beginning of November. I DID say I doubted November would go as well, though. Lucky…

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