On Tap 12/12

Currently Reading

Blood Tally – by Brian McClellan

The second Valkyrie Collections book actually came out last month for Kickstarter backers, but unfortunately I was busy being sick and weak and um, not reading. Anyway, though I just started I’m already pretty hyped to get into it.

Up Next

• An Easy Death – by Charlaine Harris

Second or third time I’ve picked this one up, but I’m still excited to crack it. With Gunnie Rose #2 out in January, a full adventure awaits!

• The Fall of the Readers – by Django Wexler

Actually lost my library loan at 50% so I’ve had to re-request it. The final chapters of Alice’s adventure await. It’s the year of Django, apparently.


This War of Mine

So I’ve been replaying This War of Mine and it’s still as atmospheric and bleak as before. A survival and resource management game, you take on the lives of a small group of survivors amidst a war-torn city. Through scavenging, trading and stealing you must either see them through the war, or find a way to escape the city. I’m actually approaching the two week mark in my most recent save and it’s this first that I’ve neither killed anyone nor lost one of my survivors to them. Of course, there’s a long way to go yet.

I haven’t yet played any of the DLC “stories” yet, and I’m honestly not interested in doing so. Haven’t heard great things about them, and the story set by the survivors is more than engrossing enough. I’d more than recommend the game, or just donating to War Child. Or both.

3 thoughts on “On Tap 12/12

  1. I didn’t back, so still a couple months or so wait for me to get to Blood Tally! But I have his Blood of Empire to read in the meantime, so it all works out 😀 I hope you enjoy An Easy Death, I loved it! Also really enjoyed the last book of The Forbidden Library.


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