Top TBR for 2020

I’m going to handle my TBR a little differently this year. I’ll still do monthly updates, but they’ll be shorter, consisting of books I really want to read in a given month. At best I can maybe get through 5-7 books per month, so it doesn’t make sense to post a list of 12 or more. Not sure what form the TBR will take, but I’ll still do something. To keep track. To keep motivated. To hope others have the same interests or read the same books. What follows is a list of books off my TBR that I really, really want to get to this year. I could’ve numbered them, but who am I to judge their worth? I want to read all of them, ideally by the end of 2020. If I were to pick out any noteworthy, they are these: Age of Death, since the last one ended in a cliffhanger; Witchsign, as the cover is so dang beautiful; and the Shattered Crown, as my recent review of Herald of the Storm has reawakened my desire to read it. I can’t promise you’ll see a review for any of them by the end of the month, but maybe one?

It’s going to be a good year, hopefully. Since I spent the first 10 days sick—things can only get better (one would think). There’ll be changes, tragedy, triumph—and lots of just normal life in between. As always, feel free to drop by, talk books, and get lost from the world for a little. If I don’t hear from you, I hope it’s a good year for everyone, and that you all explore readways (yes, I made that up) that make you happy!

Age of Death – by Michael J. Sullivan (Legends of the First Empire #5)

The penultimate novel in the Legends of the First Empire series finds the war between humans and elves not yet done. Both sides struggle for an advantage, while a few still fight for peace. The epic conclusion is coming—who will survive?

Metro 2035 – by Dmitry Glukhosvky (Metro #3)

The final Metro novel features the events of Metro: Last Light, with Artyom at the head trying to lead his people from the metro and back onto the surface at last.

Where Gods Fear to Go – by Angus Watson (West of West #3)

The final book in the West of West trilogy finds the Hardworkers amidst the Shining Mountains, still trying to get to The Meadows, to save the world.

Queenslayer & Crownbreaker – by Sebastien de Castell (Spellslinger #5-6)

The Spellslinger series winds down as Kellen and Reichis try to prevent a war. Kellen has been through a lot, but the final chapters of his journey may be the hardest yet. It all comes down to what he wants, and what he’ll do to prevent the war.

Witchsign – by Den Patrick (Ashen Torment #1)

Seventy-five years since the dragons rule on the world ended, children are still born that bear the mark of the arcane. These children are taken—never to be heard from again. When Steiner is taken, he assumes his life to be at an end. But the truth may not be easy for him to handle—or the world survive.

To Be Taught, If Fortunate – by Becky Chambers (Standalone)

A handful of researchers looks to study alien worlds to find which are suitable for colonization. There findings may seal the fate of the human race.

The Spider’s War – by Daniel Abraham (Dagger & Coin #5)

Geder’s war has encompassed the world. But victory still escapes him. As the world’s races seek to avoid the fallout from the war, Cithrin, Marcus and Clara fight to turn the tide—before it’s too late.

After Atlas – by Emma Newman (Planetfall #2)

Carlos Moreno’s life was changed when Atlas left earth to search for God among the stars. Now investigating the murder of one of the most powerful men on Earth, he must attempt to set his past aside to solve the crime. Though that may be more difficult than he’s ever imagined.

The Grey Bastards – by Jonathan French (Lot Lands #1)

Jackal commands the Grey Bastards, but his sights are set much higher than just that. However when all he has worked for seems set to come to fruition, something threatens to tear it all down. A captive, an elf girl, tests not only his loyalties, but his sense of self. Now Jackal must discover what it is he truly wants—and seize it.

Senlin Ascends – by Josiah Bancroft (Books of Babel #1)

The Tower of Babel is the greatest wonder in all the world. Soon after arriving for his honeymoon, Senlin is separated from his new wife and must do whatever it takes to find her. But it may take all his wits to simply survive.

Blood of Empire – by Brian McClellan (Gods of Blood & Powder #3)

The Dynize have seized the Godstone, while Ben Styke has gone and invaded Dynize. Wars still wage and adventure still abounds in the final entry of the Gods of Blood & Powder.

Vengeful – by V.E. Schwab (Villains #2)

Despite being killed, Victor is still angry. Despite being imprisoned, Eli is still forever. And they have so much to work out.

Babylon’s Ashes – by James S.A. Corey (The Expanse #6)

Earth has been crippled by the Free Navy. As the planet scrambles to right itself, life goes on in the rest of the solar system. But without—through the gate network—something lurks. What happens next may change everything and, as usual, James Holden is at the center of it.

The Flames of Shadam Khoreh – by Bradley Beaulieu (Lays of Anuskaya #3)

As Nikandr and Atiana continue to search for Nasim, the war on the isles still wages. In fact, it has spread to the mainland. But as the rifts and wasting grow stronger, the world itself may be threatened with destruction. Will Nikandr succeed in closing the rifts, or will the world change once and for all?

The Shattered Crown – by Richard Ford (Steelhaven #2)

The King is dead. His daughter is untested, but now wears the Steel Crown. And a vast horde is descending upon the city.

Magebane – by Stephen Aryan (Age of Dread #3)

Plague ravages the world. Darkness looms behind it, threatening to engulf all. Mages and men and gods alike must band together to stop the coming darkness—if it can be stopped.

The Bone Ships – by R.J. Barker (Tide Child #1)

For centuries, the denizens of the Hundred Isles have used dragon bones to build their ships. These ships form the strength of their armada in the war for dominion of the isles. The dragons disappeared long before, until only recently when one was spotted in a distant sea. Now the race is on to find it, as whoever controls the dragon will surely win the war.

Has anyone read any of these, or are you hoping to? Let me know! Also, how ’bout that Witchsign cover, eh? It’s pretty spectacular!

8 thoughts on “Top TBR for 2020

  1. I wasn’t impressed by my first Michael J. Sullivan read, but I feel like I need to give him another chance.

    Dagger & Coin, The Expanse, and Lays of Anuskaya are all series I want to get into.

    The Bone Ships was a great read – I’m looking forward to the next one.

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