TBR – January 2020

Currently Reading

• Queenslayer – by Sebastien de Castell (Spellslinger #5)

Highly recommended. Even at Book 5, the Spellslinger series continues to deliver. In this penultimate entry, Kellen is one step closer to discovering his father’s plans for the Jan’Tep Kingdom and the fate of the world itself. If you haven’t given it a try: you really should. If you already finished: I’ll try to catch up soon.

Top TBR for January-February

Witchsign is the 1st entry in the Ashen Torment trilogy (by Den Patrick), which introduces a new world where the sign of the witch is feared and children with the mark are exiled, never to return. Blood of Empire wraps up the Gods of Blood & Powder, by Brian McClellan, which sees every thread from Vlora, Styke, and Michel tie up- I can’t wait to get into this! The Shattered Crown is the 2nd in the Steelhaven trilogy by R.S. Ford. I recently revisited the first book and it renewed my interest for the series, and thss gets top-billing this month! And finally the Age of Death by MJS clear up that whole cliffhanger left by Age of Legend (at least it better!) while simultaneously setting us up for the series finale later this year.

Have you read any of these? Are you excited to read any of them? Any other previous books that I’ve missed and should totally get into? Let me know!

TBR Read Since December

• An Easy Death – by Charlaine Harris (Gunnie Rose #1)

• The Outlaw and the Upstart King – by Rod Duncan (Map of Unknown Things #2)

So I’ve finished 2 since December and have started on my first from the Top TBR of 2020 list. Two in a month isn’t terrible for me, and though I’d like to have more in February, it isn’t likely to happen as I’ve more than a few ARCs to get through. Hopefully I’ll get through a few though and knock out half of this year’s list by the end of 2020.

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