Book Loot – February Edition

So lemme start off by saying that I really love the Stacking the Shelves and loot recaps and other whassits that people do on their blogs. Memes, that’s it. I love seeing all the covers and their blurbs and seeing at least some of what people have on their plates and comparing it to mine! But I’ve never liked the name. Just because. Dunno why. I also hate the word “memes”. So, I could list any different number of inspirations for this, but we’ll start with the Stacking that I first saw, and the Loot one that I adapted the name for. So, anyway, let’s kick this off.

ARCs for February & March

Highfire – by Eoin Colfer (1/28)

I’m a wee bit behind this year, but need to read this humorous story about a fifteen-year-old troublemaker called Squib, a crooked sheriff, and a vodka-drinking dragon living off a back-alley bayou. Thanks to HarperCollins for the read—I promise I’ll get to it!

The Last Smile in Sunder City – by Luke Arnold (2/25)

Welcome to a world that has lost its magic. PI Fetch Phillips braves the darkness of Sunder City, searching for a missing vampire who might be much more. So far I’m thoroughly enjoying this book from actor Luke Arnold, though I also keep picturing Fetch as Long John Silver. Thanks to Orbit for supplying me with an eARC!

Ravencaller – by David Dalglish (3/17)

Ancient magic has returned to retake the land in this sequel to Soulkeeper. I’m a huge fan of Dalglish and can’t wait to read this! Many more thanks to Orbit for the eARC!

Liquid Crystal Nightingale – by Eeleen Lee (3/17)

Framed for murder and desperate to escape the rock she’s stuck on, Pleo Tanza begins a desperate gamble that sets off a series of improbable events that… I don’t actually know yet. But I’m excited to get into this new scifi novel courtesy of Abaddon!

Brightstorm – by Vashti Hardy (3/17)

Brightstorm was critically acclaimed upon its initial release in the UK. And Norton was nice enough to provide me with an ebook for its release to the US! When their father is accused of sabotage before dying far from home, Arthur and Maddie Brightstorm know something is afoot. Soon enough they’re bound for South Polaris to clear his name and discover the truth behind the lies.

The Last Human – by Zack Jordan (3/24)

Sarya is the most terrifying creature in the galaxy—last of a species extinct a millennia past. When she comes into possession of a stolen starship and a ragtag team of accomplices, the world becomes her oyster—and everything she lost, might just be attainable again. Many thanks to Del Rey for the eARC!


Permafrost – by Alastair Reynolds

Involving both time-travel and climate change, I’m sure this will confuse me at some point, just from terminology. But if a tiny alteration made in the past can save the future, who am I to judge?

Salvation – by Peter F. Hamilton

Salvation begins one of several series I’ve been meaning to read from Commonwealth author Peter F. Hamilton. A scifi I’m sure will thrill, read by the amazing John Lee, begins in 2204 with a crashed alien spaceship, a curious cargo, and a horrifying mystery.

The Sol Majestic – by Ferrett Steinmetz

I quite enjoyed Flex, my intro to Steinmetz, and am really looking forward to his new cyberpunk thriller coming out this summer—but a scifi novel revolving around a free meal from a restaurant? Yeah, sure.

Heard of any of these? Read ’em? Like ’em? Anything else I need to request or consider? Leave a comment and let me know, please!

4 thoughts on “Book Loot – February Edition

  1. I changed the name too! I think it’s good to adapt memes to your own style anyway😁 I have a copy of The Last Human too and I’m looking forward to it!


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