TBR – February 2020

Currently Reading

• The Bone Ships – by R.J. Barker

People of the Hundred Isles have long built their ships from dragon bones. But longer ago, dragons disappeared from the land. But now a lone dragon appears in far off waters, and the bounty is out on its head. For whomever claims it shall win not only glory, but more. An ARC I didn’t get to last year returns this year as an audiobook. So far, recommended, but that could very well change as I’m still in the first handful of chapters.

Top TBR for February-March

Blood of Empire and Witchsign return from last month, as their desire to be read becomes almost palpable. Joining them this month is Vengeful, by V.E. Schwab—in which Eli Ever and Victor Vale come at odds once again. Are they heroes or villains? I mean, there’s the series name and all, but I’ll let you make your own decisions. And Hell Divers: Wolves—which finds X on a quest for a home amidst the ruined world. After my last post-apocalyptic book ended in disappointment, I found I needed something I little bit… better. Hopefully I’ll get to this soon!

Have you read any of these? Are any worth/not up to the hype? Let me know!


• Hitchhiking Through Fire – by Brent McKnight

While I made it 1/3 of the way through this post-apocalyptic thriller, I couldn’t finish it. Possessive of a cut-and-paste, generic post-apocalyptic world, the only thing that wowed me less than Hitchhiking’s setting was its plot. Even at the 1/3 mark, I had yet to find any thrills. Disappointing.

TBR Read Since January

Queenslayer – by Sebastien de Castell (Spellslinger #5)

Age of Death – by Michael J. Sullivan (Legends of the First Empire #5)

Two book five’s down, and the first two off the TBR list for 2020! Still don’t think I’ll come anywhere near finishing them all, but I’m off to a good start, so hopefully I’ll be able to knock double digits off the list.

6 thoughts on “TBR – February 2020

    1. Thanks! The initial story of Hell Divers is wrapped up after the first three books. I’d definitely recommend them! But I’m not completely sold on the story that begins in Book 4.


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