Quick Update

So, I’ve finished Senlin Ascends and started on Tunnel of Bones, the 2nd Cassidy Blake novel, by Victoria Schwab. As an audiobook goes it’s a short one—only about 5 hours. Anyway, I figured I’d just do a quick update to cover a couple things.

  1. One of my favorite authors, Bradley Beaulieu, is offering free novellas over on his website (link here!) each week during the quarantined spring. This week’s novella, The Tattered Prince and the Demon Veiled, tells of Brama and his time immediately after returning to Sharakai following the events in Of Sand and Malice Made. If you’ve not read any of the Shattered Sands books, or you need a refresher, or if you just need some free, fantastic fiction in your life, I’d head over and check it out. Here’s a link to my review of it, if you’re on the fence.
  2. AC: Odyssey continues to impress, as I’ve surpassed the 100 hour mark and still haven’t completed the game. So, recommended, if you’re into that.
  3. I’ve had a hard time reading and sleeping lately, which is the reason behind a bit of a slow start to April. Those two things—combined with spring allergies (which have been a thing this week), quarantine & distancing and my job being shut down for the next month (financially, I’ll survive, but it’s not going to be much fun)—have been suuuper annoying. Which all sort of lead to this impromptu post.

Hope everyone’s doing well and reading and sleeping better than I’ve been! Hopefully it’ll get better soon. Hopefully a lot of things will get better soon.

9 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. My sleep pattern is awful as well.

    I have been tempted by the Babel series. I assume Senlin Ascends is good?

    On your advice, after finishing Origins, I bought Odyssey. Absolutely loving it. It’s very similar to Origins just with a few more bells and whistles on the fighting side of things. So glad I went for this. Gonna have to grab the novel of it after I’m through with it.

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    1. Odyssey has really affected my reading. But I just platinumed it after 135 hours, so I might get something done now. Unless I start the dlc.

      Senlin Ascends was pretty good, yeah. I actually listened to it while playing Odyssey. I’m pretty easily distracted by exploring, so it worked out pretty well.

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      1. This was number… 5? Though some of these achievements were a pain. After 54 levels, I still spent a good hour and a half running around the map to get that stupid Hermes trophy…

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      2. Vikings are one of my favourite historical points … I’m beyond excited.

        Just glad that when I finish Odyssey I have the expansion packs to buy for that and Origins. Release date can’t come quickly enough

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