TBR – April 2020

So, April’s been a fun month. But I’m not going to focus on that right now—there’s enough of that going around, well, pretty much everywhere else. But April was a tough month for me. I’ve had a bit of reading burnout, and in the last three weeks I don’t think I’ve made it through a print book of any kind.

Currently Reading

Skyward – by Brandon Sanderson

Though in all honesty it wasn’t really on my radar, I’m really enjoying Skyward. It’s no shock—there’s only been the one Sanderson book that I wasn’t completely in love with from the outset, never mind at the end. A YA scifi book, somewhat reminiscent of Ender’s Game among others, features a humanity decimated by the alien Krell, to a point where the remnants of the species are back to hiding in caves and defending their homes with complete desperation. Spensa—daughter of the most notorious coward in humanity’s recent history—has only ever wanted to fly. An amazing pilot, she’s devoured everything on the subject of spaceships, flying, and warfare. But due to her record (and that of her family), this is one dream that may be well beyond her reach. Just don’t ask her to give up on it.


Blood of Empire – by Brian McClellan

Honestly can’t tell you why I’ve stalled on this. It’s not the writing or the plot—I’ve barely broken through the first 20 pages!—I’ve just been… having trouble with it. But I’m too darn stubborn to set it aside for now, so here it remains.

TBR for April

Two books I got out of the UK just before they stopped shipping across the pond top this list, with To Be Taught, If Fortunate at #1. Though I’ve heard mixed things about this, I’m really in a scifi mood right now, and it’s short enough that I might actually stand a chance of getting through it without losing interesting. Where Gods Fear to Go is the exciting conclusion to the West of West trilogy which features, among other things: love struck vikings, superpowered Amazonians, and telekinetic sasquatch. Sasquatches? Bigfeet. Things.

I’m feeling a little better about the Shattered Crown this time around, as I’ve gotten over the disappointment that River doesn’t appear in it. Mostly. If you haven’t read it, well, Herald of the Storm was exciting in a number of ways, but needed improvement in several more. I’m hoping #2 provides at least some improvements, paving the way for an epic conclusion. And last but not least… I had trouble deciding. Ultimately, the Tattered Banner makes an appearance since it really hasn’t yet. And since I now have a copy. And am hoping to read it soon. Ish.

TBR read since Last

Two since last time off my Top TBR for the year. I’m through five so far, which I’m pretty happy with. I’ll never mark off all 18, but then I never thought I would. Ten’s a good number though, and we’re halfway to that. To the point, Senlin Ascends has no review yet, but I liked it pretty well; my thoughts are just all muddied up recently. Witchsign was the disappointment of the year thus far—another excellent reminder that you should never judge a book by its cover.

I’m working on reviewing a few more titles right now but it’s slow going, for some reason. Some annoying reason. Might even get a game brief in, as I’ve recently finished Detroit: Become Human, the latest interactive filmish game from Quantic Dream. Having never played one of their games before I was anxious about getting through it, but turned out I had little trouble. I still suck at QTEs, however. But, well, we’ll see about getting on it and expect more in the coming weeks. To everyone out there: how’re y’all? Have you read any of these books? What’d you think?

Oh, and has anyone played Sniper Elite 4? I’m trying to platinum it and I need to get through some of the co-op and multiplayer sections, which I notoriously hate as I don’t get along with people. As well as sucking at (fair) combat.

2 thoughts on “TBR – April 2020

  1. I’m going through periods where I just can’t get into anything, but then I find a book that really works. I’m reading a Mark Lawrence book right now and I expected it to grab me, but I’m having trouble focusing. I guess you have to just plough through!

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