TBR – May 2020

Since I totally failed at reading Blood of Empire recently—not because of it, more because I’m broken, because I can’t focus on things—I figured we’d ditch the normal and talk about some of the more obscure titles on my TBR. I mean, they might not be obscure for you, but are more titles that I want to read, but haven’t for some reason. Things I still would love to read, but’ve been shelved for the foreseeable future for a variety of reasons, and I don’t have any idea when I’ll get to them.

Currently Reading

• An Ember in the Ashes – by Sabaa Tahir

So I’ve got this as an audiobook and… I’ve been struggling to get through it. It’s good—pretty good, at least—but I’m just having trouble concentrating. A good YA book thus far, though I’m finding (early on, at least) that the way Elias has been watching Laia a little weird. But whatever.

TBR for ???

I’ve meant to get to Those Above for some time now—I do believe it made it into one of my longer lists last year—but haven’t. I wasn’t a huge fan of Low Town, and… I dunno. It LOOKS good, but… well, BUT. And there’s that.

Hexed is the novelization of the comic series by Michael Alan Nelson, and I’ve heard he actually did a pretty good job writing it, so I’m encouraged. It’s fairly short as well, and supposedly a quick read. But he was really upbeat about it at one point and was going to do a bunch more and continue the series and stuff… but that really hasn’t happened. The series is over (I think—pretty sure) and there aren’t any more books. I guess that’s tempered my interest.

I… I’m not a huge fan of Mark Lawrence. Like… yeah. Pretty much just that. There’s no way around it, really. I hated Jorg—so much that I didn’t read Emperor of Thorns. I liked Jalan better, but apparently not a ton since I never made it past Book #1. I’ve enjoyed his Impossible Times stuff, and I read the first few chapters for Red Sister and immediately got the book. And put it on my shelf. Where it’s stayed until now.

The Edge of Dark is supposedly an impressive cyberpunk and scifi book that begins a thoughtful series. Do you know? Have you read it? I totally ADORE cyberpunk and yet—here it sits. Untouched. I’m really enjoying Automatic Reload right now, so maybe after that, but… I’m skeptical. I’ve met me, after all.

Shadow of the Winter King has been on my TBR for like, 10 years. Pretty impressive considering it was only released in 2014. I’ve heard more mixed things about this than anything else on this list, but I still want to read it. No idea when that desire will actually evolve into me doing anything about it though.

Behold: the one Sanderson book I’ve never read. Okay, there’s more than one. Dude writes like, a dozen a year—there’s only so many I can read through. But Warbreaker‘s been out for over a decade, and I’ve had it for most of that time. Actually, I think I’ve had it for MORE than that time. I got it as a freebie from the man himself (well, his website) when he was promoting… something. I can’t remember. Maybe this, maybe the Wheel of Time stuff. I dunno. I think you can still get it for free over on his website. Here, even.

Yeah, so, this month’s TBR is pretty much just a list of books that I haven’t read and have some desire to, but ultimately not enough (yet, at least). While instead of doing anything about it I sit around reading through ARCs and trying not to spend money. If you don’t know, I’m a recreation coordinator (that’s a fancy name for what I do, which is mostly just trying entertain children with different colored sportsballs), and I’m currently off til mid-June. Since I got laid off my part-timer in March, and am currently sick (but not with COVID, I think, though I’ve not yet gotten my test results)—this is pretty much it. I’ve no energy (’cause of the sick thing, mostly) and no attention span (I’m just like that sometimes). You can probably tell from this extremely rambly post. That I DID rewrite and edit, by the way. Just, poorly, it seems. So… yeah. No complaints. I’m okay (more or less), I have enough accumulated to live on, there’s nothing to go and do anyway. I’m an introvert, so this is my natural habitat. I hope y’all are surviving just as well, and as places start to reopen—Montana is in the 2nd or 3rd stage of this already as we’ve not even had 500 cases total—can begin to return to some semblance of normalcy.

I hope you didn’t want to actually hear about the books themselves because I just realized I didn’t do that. Annnnd I’m already late on this so… have you read any of these, or do you also need to? Reading anything good right now? Anything that I need to put these off even longer to read instead? Because I will probably make that sacrifice.

23 thoughts on “TBR – May 2020

  1. I too hated Jorg. For me though, it was so much that I decided Lawrence was not for me. His follow up books didn’t do a thing to persuade me otherwise. Then came his Red Sister trilogy and I actually added it to my tbr. but the sequel series makes me realize that the sister trilogy will be it. He just doesn’t write what I want to read for the most part.

    Sorry to hear about the sick thing. I HATE when I can’t read, so I sympathize.

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  2. Get better soon, Will! And good luck with job.
    As for the books, I’m not a fan of Lawrence either. I do like Polansky, can’t really stand Sanderson, and that’s the extent of my recs regarding your TBR 😉. But if I remember correctly, you mentioned an archeological experience – maybe you’d enjoy Erikson’s The Malazan Book of the Fallen? Not an easy read, certainly, so maybe it’s better for the time you’ll be able to read again…

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    1. Thank you! I will endeavor to get better as quickly as possible. Or… eventually. I’ve read maybe half of Gardens of the Moon, but then got stuck. I really do need to get back to it, and I was thinking about maybe trying audio this time.

      You can’t stand Sanderson? Weird. Is that a thing?

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      1. It’s for real 😉 Don’t want to barge in and rant about why I feel he’d be equally competent at writing Harlequin romances or unending series of crime novels, but I just feel he’s painfully bland – sorry! I enjoyed some of his concepts, like allomancy, but on the whole just can’t stand his writing 😅

        Can’t speak about audio for the Malazan series, unfortunately – I only read the physical copies. But if this doesn’t feel right at the moment, maybe you should try something fast and dirty, like Horrostor? I finished it recently and must admit, the idea of a horror story inside an Ikea shop holds special allure, despite the book’s flaws 😂😂

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        1. Huh. Never heard of Horrostor. I’ll have to look it up. I’ve heard this thing about Sanderson before. Not the romances one, but the bland. Can’t say I’ve ever read one of those. Never been in an Ikea either though, so… it might just be me 😅
          Out of curiosity, do ebooks count as physical copies?

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          1. TBH I don’t read romances. But I did check out one Harlequin to be able to say I know what I’m talking about, and later read somewhere that the main selling point of Harlequin series is “you’ve read one, you’ve read them all” – and that’s my reading experience with Sanderson (Though I did read more than one Sanderson! 🤣).

            Ikea is big in Europe, not so much in States I think. But I guess the book can be viewed as a satire with a horror twist on all those giant supermarket stores, the Ikea flavor just gives it a nice twist.

            That’s a philosophical question! 😁 I’m gonna go with an easy answer, I actually have all of them in paper copies. But yeah, I think the experience of reading vs listening is different, at least for me.

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          2. Ah… personally I prefer physical books, but I read most of the ARCs I get as ebooks. Listening takes some getting used to, but I went through some… personal issues and had trouble focusing on anything, including reading. So listening helped. It’s definitely a different experience—but not bad, at least for me.

            I live in the middle of nowhere in the States. Thus, the nearest Ikea is 500 miles away (that’s 800 km). Which ummm… lol 🤣🤣

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          3. Strangely, that’s my preference too. When lockdown came here in NZ, I had to resort to reading most of my books on Kindle or phone – and it was totally different. For example, I lose the feeling of where I am in a book with regards to page count, and I always used that “in the middle-near the end” metric to judge what more I can expect from a book… I’m a poor listener to audiobooks – no scratch that, I’m a too good listener 😛 I can’t do anything productive when I listen, it’s almost like watching an engrossing movie, so I can only listen to books when I drive somewhere – which lately wasn’t often 🤣 I do like listening though – it’s like a double experience: a book and someone’s experience of a book.

            Yeah, not worth the trouble 🤣 On the bright side, maybe Horrorstor won’t have that creepy real-life vibe for you if you decide to read it 😉

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          4. Ditto! To both! I’ll much more often binge a book if it’s physical, where I have a tangible feel of how much is left. With an ebook there’s no tangibility at all, which is disappointing. But that’s where we are nowadays 😔

            And ditto on audiobooks. Ish. I can’t really do anything else while listening—at least nothing productive. Occasionally I’ll play video games or cook or clean, but otherwise… I can’t even drive with them because I get too engrossed and it distracts me from the road 🤣

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          5. Yes, better to read ebooks than nothing! 😄

            I found that I’m driving less aggressively with an audiobook than without – I’m no longer in a hurry! 🤣 Never tried cleaning to an audiobook, though, might be something to try!

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    1. Thank you! Don’t have COVID, so, that’s good. I’ve actually started Hexed but then I got distracted reading the comics and stalled out haha


  3. Totally un-related to your post but … 104 hrs 22 mins to get platinum trophy on AC Odyssey. Genuinely sad its over. Even sadder that the season pass is over £30 for like 10 hours extra story.

    Batman Arkham collection for me. £16 for three games plus all additional content

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    1. Wow, you hurried through it haha!

      Yeah, I’d try to get the DLC on sale. That said… the first episode of Fate of Atlantis is more than 5 hours, and there’re 3 of them. Plus the First Blade stuff and, did you do the Lost Tales? I’d guess the dlc adds maybe 25-30 extra hours, plus AC3, which… Connor.

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