On Tap 5/30

Currently Reading

• To Be Taught, If Fortunate – by Becky Chambers

If some scifi stories are more fiction than science, To Be Taught, If Fortunate is probably more science than… well, a comparable amount of both science and fiction. An group of explorers travel somewhere no ‘man has ever been: an extrasolar system. What they find here is beyond their wildest dreams, but it’s what they left behind that may provide the biggest surprise at all. For what are people if not curious, and what would happen should that curiosity fade?

• The Bayern Agenda – by Dan Moren

The Bayern Agenda is the second Galactic Cold War book, and the first through Angry Robot who kindly sent me a copy. At about the quarter mark right now and it reads like a pretty standard military scifi thriller, but there’s still a ways to go.

• Eden – by Tim Lebbon

Eden is an eco-supernatural thriller about a future where the world has succumbed to climate change and global warming. In a last-ditch effort to combat this, the world established several Virigin Zones that were returned to nature. Jenn and her father are part of a team that race across these wildernesses, but this time they might’ve gone too far. Eden is the oldest and wildest of the Zones, and who knows what may lurk within?

• People of the Rainforest – by John Hemming

People of the Rainforest is my lone nonfiction read of the year, regarding the Villas Boas brothers and their exploration of the Amazon jungle basin. As with all nonfiction titles, this one boasts an incredibly long name, which I neither can remember nor repeat.

Up Next

• Age of Empyre – by Michael J. Sullivan

The sixth and final book in the Legends of the First Empire series, now we find out what two consecutive cliffhangers have set in motion. And whether or not Suri is the Heir of Novron. Or… right?

It’s been a scifi heavy month for me. Which is a wee bit odd, as I think it’s fantasy month everywhere else. But sometimes that’s how things go.

Obviously the world’s still not in its best place, but that seems the norm nowadays, sadly. Hopefully we get it together here soon. Otherwise, my little corner of nowhere’s been pretty quiet. Still sick, but it ain’t COVID, so that’s good. But it’s been stirring up lately with my allergies and my anxiety and reflux and everything, so it’s been tough to figure what I have, exactly. But it’ll get better. Anyway what’s everyone else reading? Anything I need to get to? Let me know!

6 thoughts on “On Tap 5/30

  1. it reads like a pretty standard military scifi thriller,

    You say that like it’s bad thing 😉 I like Mil-SF, as long as the gun porn is kept down to an acceptable (for me) amount. I allow 3 technical breakdowns of guns but after that, it’s gratuitous…

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    1. It’s not, if the story’s good and the action is… actiony. This is kinda lagging along at the moment. Besides, I like a nice mix of science with my fiction; if one or the other is too high or low, it throws the whole balance off 😂

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  2. How do you manage to read four books at once? I’d never finish anything if I did that, lol. Hope you feel better soon, and I’m glad to hear you don’t have COVID😁

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    1. Well, I’ve kinda stopped the Bayern Agenda, I’m just not ready to admit it to myself yet. Then the nonfiction one can’t hold my attention for very long; they’ve never been able to. So, it’s really only two 😅🤣


  3. Multi-readinf is something I keep doing quietly 😅 especially when there’s a non-fiction in the mix! Some of those have been on my TBR for a while – I guess I’ll wait for your reviews to see if I should bump them up or not 😉

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