Music Monday – Fav American Local Bands

Music Monday is a meme created by Drew the Tattooed Book Geek. If you’d like to hear his chill (or otherwise) vibes, head over here.

I believe there’s already a term coined for this, but I don’t know it. So let me explain real quick: first off, these are American bands. They mostly release singles and EPs, though occasionally spring for full-length albums. They play shows, and even tour, but only within a certain radius or area of the country, usually the one they live in. None of them are located up where I am, but that’s not unusual. Not a whole lot of non-country, non-bluegrass, non-folk bands are. I listen to a fair amount of music from bands like this, which is much easier than it used to be thanks to sites like Bandcamp and Soundcloud, or even Amazon. And while I do love Spotify, if I really like a song by one of these little-known bands, I usually try to buy it. Below are a few examples of my favorite local bands from around America.

Æther Realm (Asheville, North Carolina) – Folk Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Viking Metal

Cold Kingdom (Minneapolis, Minnesota) – Rock, Hard Rock

Daybreak Embrace (Miami, Florida) – Alternative Metal, Fusion Metal, Rock

I-Exist (Indianapolis, Indiana) – Electronic Rock, Inspiration Metal, Post-EDM

Fivefold (St. Louis, Missouri) – Heavy Rock, Alternative Rock

I know these are mostly hard rock and metal, so I’ll try to incorporate something else next time. What d’you think—folk or hip hop? Or maybe punk or pop? Bluegrass? Ummmm…

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