Most Anticipated Books of the 2nd Half of 2020


07.07Every Sky a Grave – by Jay Posey (Ascendance #1)

A planetary assassin that wields the Language of the Universe meets a new power that uses the same Language in ways previously believed impossible.

07.14Peace Talks – by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #16)

An accord between wizards and vampires gets real when Harry Dresden shows up. But can he keep the peace, or will his presence lead the sides back to the brink of war?

07.14When Jackals Storm the Walls – by Bradley P. Beaulieu (Shattered Sands #5)

The Kings no longer rule Sharakai. But with the city on the brink of destruction, will Çeda set aside her differences with the former tyrants in order to save the city, or will the Shangazi finally claim Sharakai for its own?

07.21Ashes of the Sun – by Django Wexler (Burningblade & Silvereye #1)

Two siblings on very different sides. With a civil war looming, they will learn that though little is as strong as the bonds of blood, sometimes not even kinship is enough.

07.28Automatic Reload – by Ferrett Steinmetz

When a cybernetically enhanced supersoldier frees an experimental assassin from beneath a shadow-organization’s thumb, what he learns about the world will surprise him. But the real shock is the chemistry between the two, and where it leads.


08.04The Black Song – by Anthony Ryan (Raven’s Blade #2)

The Blood Song has returned to Vaelin Al Sorna, but at what cost? This new song calls for blood above all else, and the more the better. But with a battle against a demigod looming, it might be all that keeps him alive long enough to regret it.

08.14Driftwood – by Marie Brennan

It’s the wake for Last, a legend to those that didn’t know the man behind the stories. But as more stories come out, not even those that thought they knew the legend are sure what to think. For who or what was Last, and is he really gone?


09.14The Trouble With Peace – by Joe Abercrombie (Age of Madness #2)

The old ways are breaking, and it’s up to the new generation to see them through this time. Unfortunately, the old generation still has center stage. And they must navigate the turbid waters of rebellion, discontent, betrayal and blood in order to seize the day, or lose it.

09.29The Constant Rabbit – by Jasper Fforde

Anthropomorphized rabbits overrun Britain, garnering hate on all sides. When the Rabbit comes to Peter Knox’s small town, he’s forced to choose a side; what he believes to be true, versus what maintains the peaceful life that he’s built for himself.

09.29Battle Ground – by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #17)

The Last Titan is descending on Chicago, and she’s bringing an army. Harry Dresden’s mission is simple: kill the unkillable, save the world. But the thing about unkillable things are that they’re really, really hard to kill. And the attempt will cost the world a price beyond imagination.


11.07The Rhythm of War – by Brandon Sanderson (Stormlight Archive #4)

The reformed Knights Radiant have spent the last year in a stalemate with the enemy. But though a new technology may tip the balance in their favor, they may just threaten everything the Radiants stand for.

11.24Forged – by Benedict Jacka (Alex Verus #11)

Hunted and mistrusted for years, Alex Verus has finally embraced his darker side. With Levistus in his sights and Anne willing to let the world burn around them, Alex must make another choice—between the woman he loves and the fate of the world.


12.08Memoria – by Kristyn Merbeth (Nova Vita Protocl #2)

The Kaisers aren’t adapting to their new life on-planet well. Scorpia is pushing to return to space, while Corvus is rooted in his soldiering past. But with the fate of the Nova Vita at stake, each must do their part to discover the mystery behind the war, or be forced to repeat it.

Of these, I’m probably most anticipating… oooh tough call! I’m leaning towards Ashes of the Sun and Forged, but it’s really hard to go against Peace Talks or the Rhythm of War. My favorite cover is on Memoria, though the US cover of RoW isn’t out yet, so I’m not 100%. Both her Nova Vita books have been neon wet-dreams though- I LOVE them! Any of these on anyone else’s list too? Did I miss any? I’m sure I did! Which cover do you like the best? Let me know what you think!

14 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Books of the 2nd Half of 2020

  1. I‘ve got Ashes of the Sun as an ARC, but haven’t read it yet (it’s next on my reading Kanban). The new Sanderson is highly anticipated, and I‘ve preordered it.
    One book that you didn’t list here is Kim Stanley Robinson‘s Ministry of the Future.
    Also, Phoenix Extravagant is great, The Kingdom of Liars should be mentioned, and the House of Styx was a 5 star for me

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    1. I’m not actually a huge fan of KSR, for some reason. I forgot about Phoenix Extravagant, only didn’t include Kingdom of Liars because it was published before July, but House of Styx wasn’t even on my radar. Until now! Thanks for the recommendation!

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  2. Damn, July is creeping up on us, isn’t it? I should get reading on Every Sky a Grave. Shattered Sands I have some catching up to do, so I didn’t chase an ARC there, but still looking forward to it.

    The Rhythm of War . . . yeah, I started begging for an ARC as soon as the final title was announced. LOL

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    1. I’m new enough to this that I honestly have no idea how I’d go about begging for ARCs in general. Could you like, I mean, how should I do it?


      1. If you have a contact at the publisher, that’s usually a good place to start (they’ll find the right publicist). If not, most publishers have a contact on their site for review/media inquires. Just let them know why you want to review and provide your blog/social links.

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  3. I’m really excited about Automatic Reload and Ashes of the Sun. The cover of Memoria is fantastic! I haven’t read the first book in the series though, so I can’t get too excited😁

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    1. So far so good on Ashes of the Sun! It reminds me a little of that Skovron one from earlier this year, what with the two siblings, but nowhere near as dry as I found that.


    1. Thanks!! Yeah, I’m glad I did the StS before then, or else I wouldn’t’ve remembered anything else haha! And yeah, the UK cover is okay, but I can’t wait for the US one!


  4. I’m looking forward to new Dresdens, though Battle Ground’s synopsis sounds like it was lifted from a Riordan book – not promising. Still, I do hope Peace Talks are solid! 😀 I read Driftwood, it was ok but not great for me. I think of all these I’d most like to read Abercrombie 😀

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    1. I was (and continue to) anticipating Ashes of the Sun the most, I think. And so far it’s pretty good! Disappointed to hear the about Driftwood, but it matches with the rest I’ve heard thus far.

      And yeah, I hope Peace Talks carries us over to Battle Ground in some way that that premise makes sense, but just looking at it now… 😕 yeah

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