TBR – June 2020

My ability to read and/or finish a book (ANY book) has been all over the map lately. This, combined with the release schedule for books in July—including titles I haven’t gotten to like Peace Talks, When Jackals Storm the Walls, and Every Sky a Grave—and current ARCs that are already overdue for reviews—like Shorefall, Highfire, or the Kingdom of Liars—means that I’ve no clue what I’ll been reading moving forward. Even like, into next week. Therefore, I’m just going to list a few books that I have and I most feel like reading as of right now.

Currently Reading

• The Tattered Banner – by Duncan M. Hamilton

Progress on the Tattered Banner has stalled, as I find my attention wandering yet again. The story, following Soren on his life as a waif-turned-academy swordsman, has been a bit dry up to this point, and a little detached and impersonal. I’m about 1/3 through, where he leaves school for a bit to go adventuring, and where I hope the story will pick up. But we shall see.

So, first of all, I realize Blood of Empire isn’t on here. And I don’t know what to tell you. I just haven’t been able to get past Chapter 3. And it’s not because the writing is bad, or the story is bad, or… anything else that I can think of. I think I’m anticipating it too much. And I want it to be perfect. And that pressure plus the added pressure I’m feeling from the world right now is proving too much for me. Or whatever.

Where Gods Fear to Go chronicles the continuing adventures of Finnbogi and his companions across pseudo-America toward the Meadows. Though it hasn’t been perfect, this quest has been immensely entertaining, with the final leg of the journey involving peril, pitfalls, and telekinetic sasquatches.

Crownbreaker wraps up the adventures of Kellen, the wandering Jan’Tep turned Argosi spellslinger, who has recently found a home advising a Daroman queen. Though Kellen’s life has already been fraught with challenge, this final entry in the series promises to up the ante, with the outcast returning home to deal with his father, his sister, and the upstart and power-hungry empire he thought he’d left behind for good. I’ve absolutely no idea which direction this is going to go and I can’t sell it enough. That said, I am a bit disappointed as I’ve enjoyed this series so much. The end—whatever it brings—is sure to be bittersweet.

Remember back in January when I wrote the review for Herald of the Storm and wanted desperately to return to the world of Steelhaven? That seems so loooong ago now. I mean… a long, long while. And I still haven’t read this. I recently (like, in March) discovered that River is absent from the Shattered Crown, which soured me a bit on it, but I still do need to make it back. It’s only book #2, after all.

The House of Shattered Wings is a murder mystery set in Paris, featuring the fallout of a heavenly war and its both immortal and mortal survivors. I’d misplaced this for a while but—despite not receiving the greatest reviews—still would like to read it. Why not now, when this corner of the world is currently going to pieces? Perfect time, seems.

Age of Empyre represents the latest MJS series to conclude and, while I was certainly not enamored with the first three books, it’s been night-and-day with the previous two. Since both #4 & #5 have ended in cliffhangers, I assume that Empyre will represent a suitably epic conclusion—one that I cannot wait to experience for myself.

I’ve been waiting on After Atlas for when I’m also working on a fantasy adventure, so the two might balance one another out, but as I’ve been playing the Last of Us in my spare time (I’m working on a final run of the first one before I start part deus) I haven’t gotten around to it yet. But I shall. Probably soon. Ish.

I’ve finished one (ONE) physical, like, made-of-paper book since April 7th. Considering I usually have a rotation of three going (one physical, one audio, one ebook) at one time, this has cut into my reading somewhat. Furthermore, considering that most of my TBR titles are physical books, this has somewhat impeded my progress on my list for the year. But… well, what can you do? So we journey onward.

TBR Read Since April

Since I did something different in May, this represents the TBR I finished in the last two months. Four titles—not bad. But only one off my 2020 list, which we are at 6/18 through, which… ain’t too shabby, tbh. I figured 10 would be a good number to shoot for for the year, and halfway through the year (yes, the year’s only halfway done) I’m already over half done (but only 1/3 to ticking them all off).

Read any of these? Any I need to add/skip? Anything else happening? I know this month’s TBR is a bit late, but I was mostly busy not reading things on it lately.

(Also, adding that last group of 4 images took 6 tries, which is ridiculous, since they were already in my library)

8 thoughts on “TBR – June 2020

  1. I must say the start of Blood of Empire was slow for me, too. But once I got past the first few chapters the pace quickened considerably and I was swept along with it – I’m in the final 100 pages now and I’ll finish it tomorrow 😄

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  2. You’re definitely working on a lot of series. I sometimes get overwhelmed when I don’t have a few standalone stories to read in between. Definitely try to read After Atlas. I think it’s my favorite of the that series😁

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  3. I had a really good time with Blood of Empire and hope it’ll be the same for you too once you get past those first pages. I totally sympathize with you though. When I love something THAT much, I usually have a super hard time STARTING it hahaha I also really need to start that Sullivan universe. It just sounds soooo good. And it’s picking up dust right now. Happy reading, Will. 🙂


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