On Tap 7/17

Currently Reading

• The God Game – by Danny Tobey

Who suggested this? Whomever it was, I hate them. Because, I mean… I do need to sleep, you know? And this book seriously isn’t helping. For what G.O.D. wants, G.O.D. gets. And if it doesn’t, you might just find yourself losing. And if you lose in the game, you lose in life. And you lose YOUR life.

• They Mostly Come Out at Night – by Benedict Patrick

Just started this. Read it before—a while ago. Remembered I liked it, but. Can’t remember what the “but” was. Lonan hides in his cellar at night, safely beyond the reach of the darkness. But in his dreams he’s a prince, one whose world is slowly being taken from him. When the dreams turn prophetic, Lonan must regain the trust of his village or risk his dreams coming true.

• The Hidden Life of Ice – by Marco Tedesco

So far this is a huge disappointment. I’ve always liked ice, especially blue ice, and been fascinated glaciers and by places like Greenland. So far—about halfway through (a book that’s maybe 150 pages)—there’s been nothing about ice. I mean, nothing. This is why I don’t read non-fiction. Seriously.

Up Next

• Every Sky a Grave – by Jay Posey

I had to stop reading this to read Constant Rabbit earlier in the summer, and never got back to it. That needs to change. A planetary assassin wielding the Language of the Universe comes across an unknown power using the same power at far greater efficiency—but is it good, or evil? And no matter what it is—is there any way to stop it?

• Network Effect – by Martha Wells

So, I’ve had Network Effect for almost a month but haven’t read it yet. Yeah, I’ve been busy with a lot of fancy and amazing ARCs, but still. I mean… Murderbot. That should say it all. I honestly can’t remember the blurb for this, but it’s probably “something something Murderbot something awesome something epic.” And now I really want to read it.

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