TBR – July 2020

For this month’s TBR, I thought I’d focus on how I’m doing on my 2020 TBR. And not (just) because it’s the last day of the month. Or (just) because, though most of my TBR is in physical books, I’ve only read 6 of those to date (somehow, depressingly).


Queenslayer – by Sebastien de Castell

To Be Taught, If Fortunate – by Becky Chambers

Age of Death – by Michael J. Sullivan

Senlin Ascends – by Josiah Bancroft

Witchsign – by Den Patrick

The Bone Ships – by R.J. Barker

(Most Likely to Read)

Where Gods Fear to Go – by Angus Watson

The final book in the West of West trilogy finds the Hardworkers amidst the Shining Mountains, still trying to get to The Meadows, to save the world.

Crownbreaker – by Sebastien de Castell

Kellen has survived every challenge that’s been thrown in his (and Reichis’s) path. Now in the employ of the Daroman Queen, his life is tested yet again with the threat of continental war. And this war traces back to someone Kellen knows quite well, but to put an end to it he just might have to take the fight to them. But first he has to go home.

Magebane – by Stephen Aryan

Plague ravages the world. Darkness looms behind it, threatening to engulf all. Mages and men and gods alike must band together to stop the coming darkness—if it can be stopped.

(somewhat likely to read)

Blood of Empire – by Brian McClellan

The Dynize have seized the Godstone, while Ben Styke has gone and invaded Dynize. Wars still wage and adventure still abounds in the final entry of the Gods of Blood & Powder.

After Atlas – by Emma Newman

Carlos Moreno’s life was changed when Atlas left earth to search for God among the stars. Now investigating the murder of one of the most powerful men on Earth, he must attempt to set his past aside to solve the crime. Though that may be more difficult than he’s ever imagined.

The Grey Bastards – by Jonathan French

Jackal commands the Grey Bastards, but his sights are set much higher than just that. However when all he has worked for seems set to come to fruition, something threatens to tear it all down. A captive, an elf girl, tests not only his loyalties, but his sense of self. Now Jackal must discover what it is he truly wants—and seize it.

(less likely to read this year)

Metro 2035 – by Dmitry Glukhovsky

The final Metro novel features the events of Metro: Last Light, with Artyom at the head trying to lead his people from the metro and back onto the surface at last.

Babylon’s Ashes – by James S.A. Corey

Earth has been crippled by the Free Navy. As the planet scrambles to right itself, life goes on in the rest of the solar system. But without—through the gate network—something lurks. What happens next may change everything and, as usual, James Holden is at the center of it.

The Shattered Crown – by Richard Ford

The King is dead. His daughter is untested, but now wears the Steel Crown. And a vast horde is descending upon the city.

Probably uhh Won’t Read This Year

Not that they’re bad, or that I don’t want to read them, just… I doubt I’ll get to them this year. For one reason or another, these three have dropped off my list.

Vengeful – by V.E. Schwab

Despite being killed, Victor is still angry. Despite being imprisoned, Eli is still forever. And they have so much to work out. I miiight get to this—I’m leaning towards reading it as an audiobook—but I’m not sure. I guess we’ll see.

The Spider’s War – by Daniel Abraham

I don’t remember what is happening exactly. And I’m not going to post any blurb here for fear of spoilers, and because it’s making little enough sense to me. I’m going to have to catch up, but I doubt I’ll have the patience for it this fall. Maybe if work keeps benching me…

The Flames of Shadam Khoreh – by Bradley P. Beaulieu

As Nikandr and Atiana continue to search for Nasim, the war on the isles still wages. In fact, it has spread to the mainland. But as the rifts and wasting grow stronger, the world itself may be threatened with destruction. Will Nikandr succeed in closing the rifts, or will the world change once and for all?


What fun would it be if you finished one list just to find nothing more beyond it? Luckily, I doubt this’ll ever happen to me! My TBR is stacked several deep. Here are just a few I’ve added (provisionally) to my 2020 Autumn schedule.

Every Sky a Grave – by Jay Posey

Elyth is a planetary assassin that wields the mystical Language of the Universe, to do strange and impossible things. But when another power emerges, manipulating this Language in ways Elyth has never conceived, it will be up to her to… change that? Pretty sure it’s something like that. And maybe save the universe as well.

Forest of Souls – by Lori M. Lee

The story of a girl whose life’s ambition is cast aside when her best friend is killed—and when she somehow returns them to life. Now she must master her abilities in time to prevent a war from breaking out.

Those Brave, Foolish Souls from the City of Swords – by Benedict Patrick

Though the third book published, Yarnsworld can be enjoyed in any order. Thus, when bandits attack a distant village, Arturo joins forces with an outcast and a legend to attempt the impossible, to traverse the dark wilderness and prove that in the City of Swords, true heroes can rise from the unlikeliest of places.

Expect a proper TBR in the middle of next month. Not saying I’ll make that, just that I’ll try, and that you should expect it. Ish.

9 thoughts on “TBR – July 2020

  1. If they’d put the Expanse novels out in mass market paperback I’d love to give the series a read, but I’m picky about format for reads like that. I did pick up the first 3 mass market paperbacks of Beaulieu’s current saga, so I’m looking forward to catching up there.

    Every Sky a Grave was on my July TBR but got bumped aside by reading challenges.

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  2. Sounds like a good plan if you ask me. I hope you enjoy Blood of Empire. It was a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy and definitely assured McClellan a spot on my auto-read list!

    Also a huge fan of Grey Bastards. A very vulgar yet fun world, it was! 😀

    I’ve also been curious about the Metro books but have heard that translations don’t do it justice? I mostly want to read them so I can play the games afterwards hahah

    Happy reading, good sir!

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    1. Thanks Lashaan! I would definitely play the games, but the books are hit and miss. I mean, they’re related like, generally, but. Maybe just play the games and take it from there 😂

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  3. I thoroughly enjoyed After Atlas, my first Emma Newman book. But because of that my TBR grew as I added Planetfall to it. The TBR is always growing, but what can you do? 🙂

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