On Tap 8/09

I’m not even going to talk about the world right now. It’s still there. And full of people. Anyhow, reading:

Currently Reading

• Vengeful – by V.E. Schwab

Sequel to Vicious regards individuals that escaped death, but came back changed; extraordinary. Just not necessarily good. Jeremy Arthur is doing his best to bring this to life thus far, though the ultimate plot has yet to evolve. Unless it’s just wossname dying—in which case… meh.

• Every Sky a Grave – by Jay Posey

Planetary assassins wielding ancient power take center stage in this universe-spanning space-opera. Just getting back into it after a month away.

Up Next

• Havenfall – by Sara Holland

An Inn at the crossroads of four realms and a girl sworn to protect it. But when a dead body is found, Maddie must solve the mystery of the death before the peace is broken.


• No Man’s Sky

Yeah, I waited for a bunch of the free updates before trying this. I’m hoping it’ll prove more of a successor to one of my all-time favs, EV Nova. So far, there’s a lot of exploration, a lot of crafting, but not much of any kind of guidance, like a plot. Not that it’s bad, but… am I missing something?

4 thoughts on “On Tap 8/09

  1. I gave no mans sky a few hours last year. It was confusing and felt like I really should play the game. But something distracted me and I didn’t find back. It had its chance to grab me and is still installed and lurks for my attention. Hard competition.

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  2. I need to read Vengeful – it seems to have been swallowed by my TBR!

    I’m really enjoying No Man’s Sky at the moment. There seems to be a loose storyline to follow and a lot of exploration… but I’m finding it fun all the same! I’m lucky that I can co-op with people who already know it quite well and can help me out if needed… but no sooner had I got No Man’s Sky then I was suckered by those same people into GTFO!

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