Book Loot – November Edition

A very light haul this month, but I need it to catch up on everything I fell behind on in the early fall. Chance that that happens? I’m going with… low, but possible. If nothing else, I shouldn’t fall further behind. Life continues to be just… exhausting this year, y’know? We’re almost done with 2020 (though my brain assures me that reaching an arbitrary “end” to the year won’t do any good or change anything—my mind is always optimistic and super helpful)—just a couple more months to go!


The Rush’s Edge – by Ginger Smith (11/10)

Hal Cullen is an ex-supersoldier, grown in a vat and guaranteed little in the way of a life outside of war. Burned out and not long for life, Hal reluctantly takes a job salvaging ships to pass the time before his inevitable crash. But as he begins to grow close to a new crewmember, Hal starts to imagine a life outside of his vat-given one. And that’s when an alien presence takes over their ship and SHTF. Many thanks to Angry Robot (#TheRushsEdge, #AngryRobot) for the ARC!

Infernal – by Mark de Jager (Re-release • 11/26)

Stratus wakes in an unfamiliar place, with no memory of anything before but for the fact that he is not human. He does possess an incredible strength and the overwhelming will to survive. As he sets out across the war-torn land, Stratus will discover bits and pieces of his life before, all culminating in the burning desire for vengeance upon those that robbed him of his past. Many thanks to Rebellion for this reissue! It looks really good!


Forest of Souls – by Lori M. Lee

My monthly audiobook credit went to the newest Lori M. Lee book that I’ve been planning on reading for half the year. I still have a bit of listening burnout, but we’ll see how it goes. With the power to cheat death, an army of living trees, and promised doses of action, heartache and intrigue, hopefully it’ll prove more than entertaining!

What are everyone’s plans for November? Anybody doing Nanowrimo, maybe shopping their memoirs, or bedding down for the remainder of the year (I know Tammy’s husband has something planned!)? I’ll admit, I’m tempted on that final one! And not only since it’s supposed to be -10˚F this week (that’s -23˚C just in case you were curious), and we’re supposed to get a foot of snow.

8 thoughts on “Book Loot – November Edition

  1. It‘s been raining all October here, perfect reading weather.
    I‘ve got two anthologies (Shapers of Worlds and Passages) to read in November plus three Fantasy arcs and two non-fiction. I‘m pretty stuffed that way already. But I hope to be able to start the new Sanderson. Let’s see!

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    1. I daaang I forgot about that one! Yeah, between that and a couple other releases this month, I’ll have no extra time either. Hope you enjoy them all!


      1. Amazon tells my that I‘ll get mine at 12/1. Shifts to December/January that way. I‘ll take it slow as I have to wait three years for the next book. Also I‘m in rereading (listening) Way of Kings, and that goes slow.

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  2. I’m definitely exhausted, and I’ve fallen behind even more than usual because of my mood, I just feel like reading stuff that will make me happy and that I would enjoy, you know? That’s left a lot of review books I’m not sure about on the backburner, and they are still calling. Some days I just want to relax with a book by an author I KNOW I will enjoy, so yeah, I think Battle Ground will be my next read 😀

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