On Tap 11/14

Currently Reading

• After Atlas – by Emma Newman

The second in the series from Planetfall author Emma Newman, I’ve heard that this is better than the original, which is good, as the entire thing was overshadowed by the trainwreck of an ending. But the first book is also what haunts our lead, Detective Carlos Moreno. But when a murder forces Moreno to confront the demons of his past, it also forces him to dig deeper into the departure of Atlas—more deeply than he ever wanted.

• Phoenix Extravagant – by Yoon Ha Lee

Ah, one of the backlog of ARCs that somehow I missed. While not exactly science fiction, it’s not exactly NOT science fiction. I mean, there are automatons. Dragons. A government coverup. And… magic paint? Anyway, just started this, so no insights yet, but I’m optimistic!

Up Next

• Salvation – by Peter F. Hamilton

What will be my 3rd Hamilton novel, Salvation features an entire galaxy ripe for the taking, and a colonization of planets stretching unchecked across the stars. Unchecked, that is, until a mysterious disaster that hints of a threat mankind might have somehow overlooked. A menace that might just prove their downfall.

Other Stuff

I actually have a science fiction review coming out tomorrow, so there’s that. There’s some political stuff going on, which I’m going to avoid talking about… past saying that this election is indicative as to why the two-party system really doesn’t work. And why we need to take third parties more seriously. And that’s it for that.

Almost have finished Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. I’m maybe 80 hours in, almost done with the main story, still glut with side quests, and I’m only now starting to get sick of it. I’d certainly recommend it, if you’re looking for a good game on the cheap (I’ve been playing the PS3 version) or you could try the re-release for the current systems.

COVID continues to ravage the Mountain West states, as Montana has been posting around 1000 new cases a day for the past two weeks! Yesterday we just posted a record 1214 new cases. This week at least 30 of the 50 people I worked with tested positive. Considering we’ve a population of barely a million, this is staggering. And while a fair amount of people are crying panic, it seems more (around here) are just content to ignore it. Putting aside every political belief for a second, I just can’t believe this is happening. Not only here, but around the country. I… I can’t even think of what to say about it.

My anxiety has been crazy lately. With everything that’s going on, I just want to lock my doors and hide in the corner. I haven’t been sleeping well or getting much reading done. I’m firmly in the camp that we all need to hide in doors and go out as little as possible, but the incoming administration in my state vehemently disagrees. So… I’ll power through—at least for now—but something has to change. Soon.

Hope the rest of y’all are keeping safe! And for my international friends and followers: I love you guys, please don’t come visit. It sucks here.

9 thoughts on “On Tap 11/14

  1. Phoenix Extravagant is Steampunk Fantasy IMHO – I didn’t find any SF in it at all.

    With COVID at its peak, I still recommend going outside for a walk – just not downtown. Sucking in Vitamin D from the sun and moving the body is important!

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  2. Please stay safe, Will😥 Covid is so bad right now. I’m like you, i would rather stay home until this is over, but i do have to work. At my office there are less than 10 people and we have strict mask wearing rules, at least. Switching to something happier, After Atlas is FANTASTIC and way better than the first book😁

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  3. Covid is a stark reality we will have to deal with for quite some time still, so staying as safe as possible is the best way of keeping it at bay, and I’m grateful of the fact that book reading is one of the activities that helps me navigate through these troubled times…

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  4. Hang in there, Will! It will pass, sooner or later there will be a working vaccine (sorry, but the US seems on a crash course right now and I don’t see it getting better without a vaccine…). I do wonder how will our post-Covid world look like – will people learn anything or will they be happy to just return to what was before?

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  5. These have been difficult times, that’s for sure. But things will eventually improve. Just have to keep hanging in there. I hope you enjoy After Atlas. I still haven’t read Planetfall but I really enjoyed After Atlas.

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