Book Loot – October / Updates

So… 2020’s almost over. Which is pretty nice. The pandemic isn’t in a great place right now, with nearly 200k new cases daily in the US. Politics really aren’t any better, with our current Commander in Chief refusing to acknowledge the pandemic at all, while it rages. He also refuses to accept other things, but let’s not get into that. My own anxiety is pretty dang high, as I’m working six days a week somehow. And half of them are surrounded by people. And people in my state continue to ignore the whole mask thing. But let’s not dwell on that.

At the moment, I have no new ARCs for December. I only requested one, and haven’t heard back about Memoria. So, I’m assuming that this’ll be my catch-up month. But we’ll address that later. First, for what I collected this month:


Forged – by Benedict Jacka

Eleventh of a planned twelve in the series, Forged comes at a time when SHRHTF for Alex. I won’t spoil it for those of you who are behind and have any interest, but sufficient to say that we’re seeing a new, uncut Verus who’s in it to win it. I can’t wait to tuck into this—right after I finish Blood of Empire!

Planetside – by Michael Mammay

I was planning on waiting til it actually got here to declare it as loot, but whatever. I’ve heard good things about this series (particularly from Niki), so went out and got a used copy. As I’ve no ARCs for December, and I seriously underperformed with regards to scifi month—figured this was the perfect time.

Purchased Games

Since I bought more new games this month (all during black friday sales (all online, I might add) where I’ve apparently no constraint), I figured I might at least talk those up. I’ve always planned on having more of a gaming presence on here but haven’t really ever gotten around to it. Maybe this’ll help (I guess we’ll see).

Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete

This was an impulse thing. It was on sale, I’ve heard great things about it, so here we are. I pretty much just doubled my game haul for the year in one week. I’ll probably get to this sometime next year—here’s hoping it’s good!

Control: Ultimate Edition

This game I’ve wanted pretty much since it’s release but held off because of some news of lag and glitches. But from what I’ve heard those are pretty much patched by now and I’ve managed to get the game and dlc on sale. I’m… pretty excited to get into this. Not as much as Cyberpunk, but close.

Borderlands 3

One of my favorite co-op series, I don’t play much Borderlands by myself. But as some of my friends are locked away, I managed to B1G1 free and figured I’d gift someone a copy to play it with me. If anyone reading this owns it already and has any interest in some co-op, do let me know, eh?

In terms of news… well we’ve pretty much covered it, right? The US sucks right now. Y’all stay safe, y’hear? I’ve a nasty cold this week that wiped my schedule clean—apparently if you have 2+ COVID symptoms you’re required to quarantine or get a test, but they’re desperate around here as everybody has it—so I actually got some rest in. But since I felt pretty awful during most of the week, I didn’t really get to enjoy much of it.

Anyway, this brings us to December. There’re a couple of posts I want to do this month in addition to reviews, which hopefully I’ll get around to in-between my chaotic work schedule. One is that I’m declaring next year a reread year, where I’ll reread some of my favorite books and see if they live up to my memory of them. I’d been kicking around the idea for a while now, but really focused on it after a comment by Piotrek over on Re-Enchantment. Now all I need is some cool artwork and an even cooler name for it. Which… doesn’t seem too likely, but hey—could happen.

Yeah so, let’s get this year over with!

23 thoughts on “Book Loot – October / Updates

  1. I can’t express how much I loved Horizon Zero Dawn. Great concept, stunning world, perfect protagonist, a story with twists, several cultures, and interesting gameplay – what else could one wish for? Ah, another part – which will be published next year!

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  2. 2020 can’t end fast enough, indeed… (((SIGH)))
    And moving to… better pastures 🙂 I’ve added several books to my TBR thanks to the suggestions I’ve read during SciFi Month, and Mammay’s Planetside is one of them: it sounds intriguing and I plan on reading it as soon as I can.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Logically I know that a new, different year won’t make everything magically better, but I’m still hoping that it does 😅

      I can’t wait to see what books you’ve added and how you like them!

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  3. I love the cover for Planetside so I hope the story does it justice, and I look forward to reading any thoughts you have on it. What is your gaming platform of choice? Console, PC? I’m not much of a gamer, myself, at least not lately, but I used to enjoy some D&D RPGs on the PC. I like the idea of rereads. There are a number of books I loved when much younger and I’m curious whether I’d still enjoy them. Maybe I’ll do a bit more of that in the coming year also. I hope you get well and stay well!

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    1. Thanks Todd! You too!!

      Console. PS3 & PS4 mostly. I love me some oldschool PC games though, especially the Quest For Glory series and the original Colonization.


  4. Loving the sound of a catch-up month. I could use a bunch of those! 😛 HZD is a fantastic game and with the PC graphic boost, I’m sure you’ll have a blast there! I also hoped to check out Control in the future, maybe when it goes on sale again or something. As a fan of Borderlands, it’s definitely nice to see that you got your hands on a copy though! I wish my friends were more fun about it. I always end up completing that franchise solo/with strangers hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I usually just peter out when my friends get bored, so I’ve only ever finished the first one 😅 Control’s pretty fun so far, though I haven’t had a ton of time for it lately. I’ll be sure and talk it up later if it’s really good!

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