On Tap 12/8

So far Ketchup Month isn’t going great. I did manage to finish one book off my TBR but otherwise haven’t done much. Somehow I’ve been working everyday lately, with my coworkers testing for COVID. I know I shouldn’t complain—but that’s why I’ve a blog, right? Seriously though, if you live in the US like I do, stay vigilant out there, yeah? As we’ve hit the 200k mark for daily new cases, the situ promises to get so very much worse before it gets better. And with the nation divided, and our leaders seemingly uncaring, it could be a very cold, dark, Game-of-Thrones-esque Winter.

Currently Reading

Gallowglass – by S.J. Morden

Jack Van Der Veerden has everything he could possibly need—fame, money, women, immortality at his very fingertips—except he doesn’t want any of it. To escape his family, he signs up for a mysterious mission to parts unknown. But as luck would have it, Earth’s most desperate fugitive just signed on with the universe’s most desperate crew.

Forged – by Benedict Jacka

By Book 11, Alex Verus has racked up quite a number of enemies. His allies list is short, but mostly dependable. But when Anne goes rogue, Alex must track her down before someone else does first or worse, she goes too far on her revenge rampage. But first he has his own scores to settle—starting with the nemesis that’s tried to kill him since Day One.

Up Next

Shorefall – by Robert Jackson Bennett

One of the ARCs I somehow missed this year—I’d really like to get to it before I start on next year’s stuff! Which I’d ideally like to do before the end of 2020. Followup to Foundryside, it continues the adventures of Sancia Grado as one of her enemies sets out to resurrect an immortal legend. Which sounds bad. If she can’t stop them, the only way she knows of to fight a god is with one of her own.

The Scorpion’s Tail – by Preston & Child

Book #2 of the Nora Kelly/Corrie Swanson spinoff series (Old Bones being the first), coming in January 2021. I quite liked the first and am hopeful that this one will continue where the Pendergast series has fallen flat. I may’ve glossed over the particulars, but I remember something about a mummified corpse, a New Mexican ghost town, and something like the Holy Grail. Huge thanks to Grand Central for the early ARC!

15 thoughts on “On Tap 12/8

  1. Nice list you have here! I’m still bogged down in The Empire Strikes Back stories, but then I have a new promising ARC called The Roach 😀 Plus a reread of Dune which I want to fit in before the end of the year…
    Happy reading and stay safe, sane and healthy!

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  2. Ugh, work is so inconvenient right?? The books I could read if I didn’t have to go to work…Good luck with your pile and stay safe! We have to dodge all the idiots who still don’t get that Covid might kill them😡

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    1. One of my coworkers is suffering from complications of covid and hasn’t been able to come in lately, so I’m in high demand. I don’t really care for being in high demand. Just goes to show that covid can still be awful even after you’ve recovered from it.

      Ironically, I’m not doing that much better than when I was on furlough and my brain was swiss cheese 😅


  3. Ah, Preston & Child. From what I remember about a different book, called Cabinet of Curiosities; I quite liked it.

    Enjoy the reading time. Not sure exactly what it’s like in your neck of the woods, but it ain’t pretty out here and I think books are our best bet! Take a chance to exercise the mind. I’ve been swamped myself, lately. Be safe out there.

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  4. Well, seeing as I’ve not yet read Game of Thrones I can pretend to be blissfully ignorant. Seriously, though, stay safe and healthy. I really want to read Foundryside, then I can maybe try and enjoy Shorefall. And I’m curious about the Preston & Child books. I’ve seen so many of them and some sound interesting but I’ve yet to read any.

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    1. Thank you! I enjoyed the first several Pendergast ones, but mostly just them. Can’t really recommend any of the other ones. I hope you get around to (and enjoy) the Founders books!


  5. If I read two books this month I’ll be lucky. Everything has been so distracting lately. I just had a covid close call at work but thankfully my coworker uses masks properly and the rest of us did not get sick. The husband and I are about to hunker down for the rough winter coming. Stay healthy!

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