Lucidity (2006)

Lucidity was the first full-length album released by Delain, back in 2006. At this point the band was just a collaboration between Westerholt and Charlotte Wessels—with studio musicians to fill out the ranks. The album also relied heavily on guest appearances, the success of which prompted Westerholt to flesh out the band rather than calling it a one-off.

Forget the first time I heard this, though I remember it was in connection with Within Temptation albums. I do remember I immediately enjoyed it, and binged the album on repeat over the next few weeks.

The Gathering

Note: I’ve never watched the any of these videos and am not about to start now. I just like the songs. Music, awesome; music videos, meh.


Sleepwalker’s Dream

Congratulations if you reached the end of this successfully! Whether you read and listened your way down, or just skipped to the end doesn’t particularly matter to me, I just hope you enjoyed it. Delain has brought me so much joy over the years I figure this is almost the least I can do to honor them. Tomorrow, April Rain.

3 thoughts on “Lucidity (2006)

  1. I’m really starting to like this group. And I can see Andreas’ comparison to Nightwish. I suspect I’ll be dishing out some money at some point after I’ve listened to a bit more. Really appreciate you sharing these.

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    1. Thanks! I’ve been told I have a very interesting taste in music 😅 I especially enjoy their earlier stuff, because it seems more gothic, but their later stuff is really good too, even though it reminds me more of metal.


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