On Tap 4/14

The Flight of the Darkstar Dragon – by Benedict Patrick


Picked this one up via Patrick’s Kickstarter last year, and finally found a minute to give it a try. As he has another Kickstarter launching for the Darkstar books (later this month), figured it was high time I give it a go. While I’m only 1/3 through, the plot combines fantasy and mystery with a lovely-rendered setting, and highly immersive story. I’m absolutely loving it thus far!

Min’s first command out of the academy might just be her last. When a routine mission goes arwy, Min and her crew are deposited in a mysterious world with no idea how they got there or how they can escape. But they must survive the Darkstar first to have any hope of returning home. Oh, and there’s a country-sized dragon waiting to eat them if they let their guard down.

The Alien Stars – by Tim Pratt


An ARC I completely forgot I had! Many thanks to the people over at Angry Robot for this one! A collection of three novellas set in the Axiom Universe, supposedly interconnected at that—I haven’t read anything of Pratt besides the Doors of Sleep, but I liked that, so… here we are. One in and so far I needn’t’ve worried. The plot was fairly straight forward, and an interesting read. Here’s hoping the rest continue to impress!

A Necessary Evil – by Abir Mukherjee


The second Sam Wyndham mystery returns to Colonial India with the assassination of a Maharajah’s son. The events surrounding the prince’s death lead the Englishman and his deputy into a kingdom riven with internal conflict. Where they must find the murderer before the murderer finds them.

Just started this one, so I can’t speak to how it is yet. But the narrator, Malk Williams, really brings the character of Wyndham to life!

Note: In reviewing the narrator’s name for this, I discovered that apparently this is the last Wyndham novel with him as the voice of our hero which is a tremendous disappointment. While I know Simon Bubb is an excellent narrator as well, I be sad to see Williams go.

4 thoughts on “On Tap 4/14

  1. It’s not fun when a narrator you enjoy stops narrating a series. It can almost make it feel like a different series. But here’s hoping the story continues to deliver in A Necessary Evil.

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