Music Monday 7/26

Well, I went and promised Ola a Polish band and since I know of, like, one… guess it has to be UnSun. But first, Music Monday is a meme created by Drew the Tattooed Book Geek on his blog. I’m a bit on and off posting it, but I love my music—and my tastes are a bit eclectic—so it makes for an interesting time, I hope.

UnSun was a Polish gothic metal band that existed from 2006-2016. I really liked them in my college years, when I burned through a lot of gothic and symphonic metal—that mix of classic vocals mixed with hardcore metal sounds. Sadly, they broke up in 2016 after only two released albums. See their vocalist, Anna Stefanowicz suffers from a rare illness that affects her nervous system and since about 2014 had been affecting her throat. For two years she gave it a go, even though singing caused her pain. But in 2016 the illness had worsened to the point where she was apparently in pain all the time. Though I’m not certain, I believe she is doing much better now, though probably isn’t cured by any means.

8 thoughts on “Music Monday 7/26

  1. I actually did hear about them! Mostly because of that singer’s illness, as I’m not a big fan of gothic metal, but hear about them I did 😁 Polish metal scene is actually quite robust and some of these bands seem to be known better abroad than in Poland. I wonder sometimes whether that’s a sort of reaction to the overwhelming Catholicism in Polish culture and politics and society – you can’t help but grow up in this and then even when you rebel you kind of just use those same symbols and contexts, only inverted 😉

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      1. Ah, don’t worry about it, Will 😉 I like old-school rock (Pink Floyd more than the Beatles, though 😜) and jazz, and a bit of blues, so I’m not going to force you to listening to this 😉

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    1. Probably, but that does not explain why heavy music is also very popular in extremely permissive Scandinavian societies…

      This one won’t change my music tastes, but I’ll listen to a few more of their pieces today, thanks, Will!

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  2. Piotrek brings up a good point, it’s interesting how much heavy music is Scandinavian in origin. I’ve sometimes wondered if, at least with far northern regions, it might have something to do with the overall seasons, with more cold and darkness than in locations further south. I’ve no real clue, though.

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