Beautiful World of Books – The Song of the Shattered Sands

The recently completed Song of the Shattered Sands featured six central novels, one triptych, and a half dozen or so shorter novellas all set in the same world. Well, all set in the same desert, all more or less relating to the overarching plot. While the US covers attempted to capture an image of Çeda as the face of the rebellion against the Kings, the UK covers focused more on her essence. A more indistinct warrior bearing twin sabers, often surrounded by thorns. While the US covers were often more varied in substance, in content, and even in color, I still vastly preferred the UK ones to them. In part the reason was that I found them less cartoonish—and the US Çeda (especially post-Book 3) didn’t meld well with how I imagined her.

When I started this post, I figured I’d showcase the UK versions—my favorite—but I ultimately decided to include both, so that you can compare and come to your own conclusion. Not that I liked ALL the UK versions better, but I definitely preferred them on the whole.

Twelve Kings in Sharakai

With Blood Upon the Sand

Of Sand and Malice Made

A Veil of Spears

Beneath the Twisted Trees

When Jackals Storm the Walls

A Desert Torn Asunder

In researching this, I figured out that the US artist changed quite a bit, beginning with Adam Paquette for Twelve Kings, then to Donato Giancola for With Blood Upon the Sand. Donato Giancola returns for Veil of Spears, and Micah Epstein takes over for the final three books. Maxime Plasse has drawn all the maps needed for the series. While René Aigner handled the interior illustrations of Of Sand and Malice Made, he also collaborated with Shawn King to perfect the cover as well. Meanwhile, Laura Brett illustrated the entire series of Gollancz covers.

6 thoughts on “Beautiful World of Books – The Song of the Shattered Sands

  1. I like both US and UK covers, and I’m glad they kept the series artwork consistent. I didn’t realize the artists had changed so much for the US covers, though. Now that you said that I can spot the differences😁

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  2. I actually like the artwork on the US covers more, but I like that UK maintained the style throughout the series – I really don’t like a change of style mid-series, especially if it’s a series I own 😉

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  3. I’ve always liked the art work on the US covers, though the UK ones certainly seem to be strongly themed so they all fit together well. I’ve been slowly collecting these books but haven’t yet started any of them. One day! 🙂

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