Beautiful World of Books – The Shattered Sea

Recently, I revisited the Shattered Sea by Joe Abercrombie. Of course I’ve only read the first, but they have the rest at my local library. Now, my library has the classic US Del Rey covers, which are pretty, but when I looked this series up recently I noticed the Harper Voyager covers are even more impressive. Though they could be better—just imagine them with a bit of gloss and foil.

Del Rey covers are left, Harper Voyager on the right.

Half a King

Half the World

Half a War

I remember enjoying Half a King, but not continuing with the series. Think I got distracted. I do need to get back to it, though, as I’m pretty sure what happens in there is canon. Is that right, or no?

4 thoughts on “Beautiful World of Books – The Shattered Sea

  1. I’d have a hard time choosing one edition over the other. I like them both. I’m fascinated by how completely different they are. There’s certainly a lot more going on in each Harper Voyager cover.

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