The Portraits of Spellslinger – Beautiful World of Books

There have been eight Spellslinger books, each one of them featuring a lot of Kellen, and a fair amount of Reichis as well, followed by just a smattering of Ferius. My favorite covers of this series are the ones done by Hot Key Books’ artist Nick Steam. I love the images of Kellen and a matching prominent player being featured on one of the cards in the Argosi deck—one card for each adventure. This theme carries over to Ferius’s own duology, which again features her and… (honestly I’m not 100% on this because I haven’t yet read them but I’m assuming) someone she’s battling and/or madly in love with! I’d have guessed the same about Kellen’s covers, but there’s no Nephenia in them, so that’s out.

I’m also a huge fan of the colors—despite the fact that there’s no hot pink (YET), or use of foil at work.

Spellslinger & Shadowblack



Charmcaster & Soulbinder



Queenslayer & Crownbreaker



Way of the Argosi & Fall of the Argosi


All in all, this is a series of covers whose beauty is only matched by how good of books they are! So if you’ve never judged a book by it’s cover—well, you’re a liar, aren’t you;) And, if you’ve never been surprised at how well a series matches the stunning design of its cover art—look no further.

9 thoughts on “The Portraits of Spellslinger – Beautiful World of Books

  1. These really are very creatively designed. I love the idea of making them playing cards. This isn’t a series I’ve tried yet but glad to hear it’s worth checking out.

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