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Now, I haven’t actually read the Shadow Campaigns, but they’ve been on my TBR for years. In fact, I’ve both the ebook and audiobook edition of the Thousand Names. Annnd still haven’t read them! Actually, while writing this up, I spent a little on Goodreads looking up editions and… has anyone else read this series? I mean, I know Steff has. But otherwise… anyone? I’ve heard it’s really good, but I don’t KNOW that. So, let me know.

But let’s get on with it.

Below are the five main installments of the Shadow Campaigns, along with the two significant novellas—the Penitent Damned (0.5) and the Shadow of Elysium (2.5). On the left are the UK/EU covers and on the right the US ones. For the novellas, the official versions adorn the left side, while the alternate versions are on the right.

The Penitent Damned

(Shadow Campaigns #0.5)

The Thousand Names

(Shadow Campaigns #1)

The Shadow Throne

(Shadow Campaigns #2)

The Shadow of Elysium

(Shadow Campaigns #2.5)

The Price of Valour

(Shadow Campaigns #3)

The Guns of Empire

(Shadow Campaigns #4)

The Infernal Battalion

(Shadow Campaigns #5)

Now I don’t really have any strong feelings one way or another—and I am literally judging all of these on their covers alone—except that I prefer the US version of the Price of Valor and the UK one of Guns of Empire. Oh, and the official version of the Shadow of Elysium. Otherwise, they’re all very nice covers in my opinion, altogether making up a series I still very much want to read!

What do you think: what’re your favorite covers—The US, or the UK ones? Or maybe you like some of each? Also, has anyone read this series (or parts of it)? What’d you think?

4 thoughts on “The Shadow Campaigns – Beautiful World of Books

  1. I havent read these either. I’m not sure which I prefer. Overall I guess the UK covers seem more consistent, but really he got lucky with covers because all of them are pretty nice😁

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