Black Heart Update III

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My last update on Black Heart was in January of this year, and might seem like an age ago. That’s because—in part—Black Heart’s predecessor, The Barrow, came out even longer ago still, back in 2014. At the time this sequel was predicted to follow a year after, but some things happened. Pyr sold, the holding company declined to publish the next book, and the author had some issues writing something using only his free time if it would never be published. Anyway, in January 2021, Mark Smylie was most of the way through Black Heart, having written 37 of a potential 47 chapters which he then posted on his patreon for subscribers to read. At the time, he projected he’d finish up around March 2021—which I figured instead meant more like May/June 2021 because I’m cynical like that.

Well, now it’s almost November and I’m actually a little surprised to relay that the main book is finished! There’re supposed to be a pair of short epilogues to follow that the author has yet to write, but all 46 (yes, 46, not 47) chapters are up on his patreon and he hopes to have it together into an ebook by the end of the year. Given the length of time it took for “March 2021” to roll around, I’m expecting this to get pushed back a bit, but it looks like it’ll actually get done here sometime in 2022. That’s for the ebook, of course. Since the book currently has no publisher, at the moment there is no plan to release a physical version.

Not yet, at least.

Should you be impatient or mad with joy, you can go over to his patreon and join up for $5/month and read the unbound/technically finished version. I’m certainly interested but I might wait until December at least because of obligations and TBR that I’m already well behind on. But two things are certain:

  1. I will definitely be reading Black Heart, and
  2. It has actually become a reality at long last!

So maybe celebrate with a refresher of the Barrow, and then decide what format you’d like to enjoy it in. Or, simply stay tuned here and I’ll be sure to get a review out as soon as the entire thing (epilogues and all) are written and edited, and I read the damn thing, of course.

But hey, who actually thought we’d get to this point at all? Many kudos to the author Mark Smylie for persevering on this project, and the patrons on his site for supporting this dream that is soon to become a reality!

Mark Smylie’s Patreon

6 thoughts on “Black Heart Update III

  1. I’m still pretty excited about this, but…like you said it’s been years since the Barrow, even if blackheart were to come out tomorrow I doubt I’ll be able to read it for a while because I will have to make time to read the first one again to refresh my memory. And as I recall, it was a pretty big tome 😛

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    1. The author created a TTRPG called Artesia. I’ve never played it and don’t know anything more about it, other than that both books are set in the same world. The Barrow was hyped when it came out in 2014, and I picked it up then. After 2015 (when the sequel was canceled and Pyr went under), it fell off the radar.


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