Well, welcome to SCIFI Month 2021! Also, happy All Saints Day, if that’s your thing. Personally, I prefer All Souls Day, which is tomorrow. And happy November, which is, as I mentioned before, Scifi Month.

It’s the first year I’ve remembered to prepare something in advance, so we’ll see how it goes. I absolutely loved their headliner last year—done by the talented Tithi Luadthong (whose work you can find HERE ). I loved it so much I featured it for most of this year! This year’s piece is done by Zishan Liu (whose work you can find over HERE ). And as usual, the event is hosted by LISA and IMIRYL, so head over to their sites for some scifi-themed madness and be sure and take a peek at the itinerary.


Inhibitor Phase – by Alastair Reynolds

Memoria – by Kristyn Merbeth

Shards of Earth – by Adrian Tchaikovsky

The first two are books that I’ll try my best to get through in November. Inhibitor Phase has been sitting around for too long and considering its amazing prompt I really want to get into it! Many thanks to Orbit for a physical copy of this! It’s a sleek and lovely cover.

I recently picked up a copy of Memoria in preparation for the upcoming release of the series conclusion Discordia in December. I thoroughly enjoyed Fortuna back in 2019 and am looking forward to continuing the series!

Not sure I’ll get to Shards of Earth, but I’d very much like to. While Tchaikovsky’s stuff has been a bit spotty recently, I’ve heard good things about this one, so I’m optimistic. If it’s anything like Children of Time or his recent novellas, I’m definitely in for it!

Currently Reading

In addition to Inhibitor Phase—which I’ve recently started—I’ve also picked up Remote Control by Nnedi Okorafor from my local library. Having never finished an Okorafor story before (Binti just didn’t work for me), hopefully this will provide a good introduction to her work.

Upcoming Reviews

Every Star a Song – by Jay Posey

Hard Reboot – by Django Wexler

Project Hail Mary – by Andy Weir

Obviously I don’t want to say too much about what I think of this before the big reveal, but sufficient to say I didn’t hate any of them. Yet. As of writing this I haven’t actually finished Hard Reboot yet. The short of it is that you shouldn’t have to wait long before there’s a review for all three, but if you do want to read about them in the interim, do click the goodreads link. Check back tomorrow for my review of Every Star a Song!

I can guarantee it won’t be all science fiction from me this month—there are a few ARCs coming in December I’d like to get a head start on; and a few more releases from earlier this year I need to catch-up on yet—but right now this is just how the chips have fallen. In addition to all this, I’m at least starting Nanowrimo (though I might not get anywhere near 50k (actually, I’m only planning on trying for 25k)), and I’m sure life/work will get in the way at some point as well. There’s a list or two I might include at some point, and some scifi covers on Thursdays—this week I’m doing a mashup of Jay Posey and Kristyn Merbeth, then I’ve maybe a Reynolds, Hamilton, and Chambers in the mix for later this month. Lastly, there are a few science fiction games I’m looking at, but the only thing I’m leaning towards is a 2nd Metro: Exodus run, in addition to some DLC.

Hope everyone else has a good month! I can’t wait to read all your prompts!!

7 thoughts on “SCIFI MONTH 2021

    1. No problem! I know that you don’t have enough to do already and have way too much time on your hands 😂 Seriously though, I doubt that I’ll make it through all my own books and your list scares me with its ambition. But good luck!!


  1. All of these are ones I’d be curious to read, though for some I’d want to read what came before first. I have enjoyed works by several of them (Reynolds, Tchaikovsky, Okorafor, Weir) and enjoyed them enough to want to read more. I hope this ends up being a great batch for you!


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