The World of Riyria – Beautiful World of Books

This week we’re examining the covers of Michael J. Sullivan’s first two series: the completed Riyria Revelations and the as of yet open-ended Riyria Chronicles. The former was the series that put Sullivan on the map—as he came from the world of self-publishing to traditional as the Revelations were picked up and rebundled by Orbit. This series starts when two thieves are framed for the murder of a king. This marks the birth of Elan. Six books rounded out the Revelations. The latter series—the Chronicles—on the other hand, came later and explored the two thieves’ backstories. There have been four of these thus far, with another—Drumindor (so-named at the moment)—on the horizon, but with no release date yet.

These first six covers are from Sullivan’s self-published run, which I believe are all designed and painted by the author. The second batch (further down), are the Riyria Revelations rereleases via Orbit.

Riyria Revelations Books #1-6

These are quite nice for going the self-pub route, and while I thoroughly prefer them over the Orbit covers, they are much harder to find nowadays. Personally, I have the Crown Conspiracy only of these, then the rest of the Orbit ones.

Riyria Revelations Combined Versions #1-3

The following three covers are the first two installments in the Riyria Chronicles, and then the omnibus of those two. Honestly, I’d forgotten the omnibus existed but then turned it up when writing this. I mean, it’s pretty much just half of the picture off the first cover, zoomed in, but… well.

Riyria Chronicles Books 1 & 2 plus omnibus

These are my favorites of all—the Death of Dulgath and Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter. They’re the only ones to feature two little wee thieves, set upon the backdrop of a wonderful scene. I have signed copies of both, as well as bookmarks, and a poster of Dulgath to boot. I’d definitely love to have a print of Winter’s Daughter to round out the collection.

Riyria Chronicles 3 & 4

I do believe just these two are Marc Simonetti creations. Ones that I’d very much love as prints—except for the fact that they retailed for £110 plus shipping. Even if I was still tempted, they’re sadly sold out. Here’s a link to the rest of his stuff, as there’s some amazing stuff still available within.

Well, which were your favorites? And have you read any of these? Or maybe all of them? Hope y’all have a lovely weekend! Check back next week for the rest of Elan—the Legends of the First Empire and beyond!

15 thoughts on “The World of Riyria – Beautiful World of Books

  1. I have not read any of these but of course I have an opinion! I like the self published covers best too, (although I do not like the font at all). The Orbit covers have too much font and I don’t care for the way the covers are split in half like that. Definitely an author I want to read😁

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  2. Death of Dulgath and Winter’s Daughter are completely gorgeous. The series overall ended up disappointing me though. I still haven’t been able to get past Rose & Thorn, or finish Heir of Novron after getting mad at it.

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          1. Okay so… I’m confused. How do you know you enjoy his writing if you haven’t read any of his books? 🦑

            (yes, that’s a squid emoji)


  3. I’ve still yet to read any of his books, though I do plan to. I’m really impressed by the self-published covers, especially if he was the artist for those. Multiple talents like that are incredible. With the other covers I’m not a big fan of the big colored text blocks on many, but I do like the paintings. I’ve always been drawn to detailed fantasy paintings, and like you, would love to have prints of some of them.

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