Updates (February 2022)

Instead of a Beautiful World of Books this week I thought I’d do a couple updates for those interested.

First, regarding Black Heart:

You can purchase the entirety of Black Heart via DriveThru (an entity I’d honestly never heard of before). It provides a PDF and EPUB version of each of the three parts, each for a price of $2.99. In total the book would run you about $9, but there’s no omnibus version available quite yet. So you can head over there or to his Patreon. Supposedly there will be a MOBI version in the coming weeks, but I don’t know if it’ll be an omnibus or not, nor any details on the price.

SECOND, I recently hit 100 reviews on NetGalley, something I’ve had my eye on for the last few months. Hilariously enough, my 100th review for them was a book I somewhere between DNFed and skimmed to the end, one of only a handful I didn’t read in full. Yup, I read 94 out of those 100 to their fruition, just this one didn’t make the cut. If you were curious, these six are:

  • Driftwood – by Marie Brennan

I found this aimless, meandering, bland and boring. I tried on FOUR separate occasions to make it through this, but it was not to be. Somewhere within these interconnected tales are the story of Last, someone who’s different depending on who you ask. As such, there’s no character development, no WORLD development, and really no overarching plot to speak of. I honestly can say that I don’t even know what Driftwood is about, except that it’s about $10 too expensive.

  • By Force Alone – by Lavie Tildar

A retelling of the Arthurian legend, I hated each and every one of the characters, and I kinda have a thing about the Arthurian legends, so this was an unwelcome retelling. I’m not opposed to grimdark like some are, but keep them out of my childhood fantasies, please.

I’ve recently read a bit of some of the author’s other work and I can confirm that he (his style) might just not be for me.

  • Highfire – by Eoin Colfer

A kids’ author whose debut in adult fantasy I found course for no reason other than it seems to be he thinks that’s what adults are, sweary for pretty much the same non-reason, and thoroughly uninteresting. It’s supposed to be comedic, but falls for short of that. And as a fantasy… I mean, he somehow included a swamp dragon that was boring to read about. I barely made it past the 15% mark of this, and wouldn’t recommend it for anyone.

  • Ghosts of Gotham – by Craig Schaefer

I actually posted a review of this DNF shortly before I decided to stop reviewing DNFs on this blog. You can go check it out if you’re interested, but the short of it was that the story completely started over at the 1/3 mark and I couldn’t be bothered to care enough to join it. Literally the best thing I found about this was its cover.

  • Hitchhiking Through Fire – by Brent McKnight

This was a cut-and-paste generic post-apocalypse “thriller” that was bland and uninventive, but also uneventful as well. There are zombies and society has broken down and all the older generation remembers the “end times” but the younger generation seems to have devolved really quickly to the point of anarchy. It just… it reads like the backdrop for a bad B-movie. Like one that was direct to DVD because they couldn’t be asked to air it on Syfy channel.

  • Ranger of Marzanna – by Jon Skovron

This is the only book on this list I was legitimately disappointed by. So much so that it hurt to DNF it. I loved Skovron’s previous trilogy the Empire of Storms, but this was… just bad. I kicked down the door in the early pages—and then just stopped. There was no action to be seen through the next 200+ pages. It was too political, too slow, and too cold for me. I’d happily go back and read Hope and Red (I have, in fact) before I’d attempt this one again.


I’m nearing the 500 view mark for The Black Song – by Anthony Ryan, which would make it my first post to eclipse this mark. As of writing it has 490 views—the most by a decent margin, as 76 below it is the closest competitor in Age of Death – by Michael J. Sullivan at 414. After that there’s a significant drop to 3rd which is Forged – by Benedict Jacka at 270.

It’s not really about the views or visitors for me, though. I mean, it’d be nice to have in the 1000’s of readers and subscribers so I could finally get on Tor’s good side, but honestly that’s the only reason I could think of to want that. Otherwise… I didn’t get into this for the numbers. I mean, the ARCs are definitely one of the main reasons I’m still here—I spend considerably less on books than I used to—and since I don’t make a ton of money, that’s a big motivator. The main reason I’m in this is to connect and talk about my favorite reads. With actual, like, people.

Yup. Y’all motivate me. Try not to screw it up, eh;)

Anyway, your regularly scheduled programming will return in likely a few weeks. My birthday is the first week of March and I probably won’t write anything more for then, just do a couple of silly or music posts. Or maybe I’ll just skip it and be lazy. After that… I haven’t decided what I’m doing going forward, as I have some employment issues coming in March/April and might do a little freelancing across the state (which, if you’re not familiar with the geography of Montana, is gigantic—about the size of Norway; bigger than Germany, New Zealand, or Japan), so it might cause me to be a little erratic on here. But we’ll see, I guess.

4 thoughts on “Updates (February 2022)

  1. Racking up views on review posts is a big deal for me too. I love seeing which books people are interested in over time. I wrote a review about 5 or 6 years ago and HATED the book, and to date its my most viewed post. I get at least 10 views a day, crazy! Happy early birthday!

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  2. I’ve not tried any of the authors listed here. DNF’ing is difficult for me but I’ve been working at getting better at it so I don’t waste time when there’s so much else out there to try. But 94% seems like a decent amount that you did finish. Hopefully you enjoyed more of those than not. Happy birthday to you (well, almost)! I hope you enjoy any time off you take, and I hope things go well for you on the job front.


  3. Grats on 100 Netgalley reviews! And I’ve never heard of DriveThru either and hmm, I think I will just wait for more mobi news or for the full version to eventually come out. Not that I’m hurting for stuff to read these days anyway 😛 Have a wonderful birthday!

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