The Wheel of Time – Early Special Editions

Welcome to Week #3 of this Wheel of Time showcase, where I’m showing the covers of the epic fantasy series some much needed love. Last week I showcased Books #0-4 (New Spring through the Dragon Reborn), and in this week’s segment we’ll feature special editions of the first two books, which—somehow—were the only ones I could find that HAD special editions.

While both Eye of the World and the Greant Hunt had hardback special editions (complete with sleeves), I could only find one rather poor picture of the outside of Eye of the World, I could also only find one photo of the inside of cover of the Great Hunt. And while one’s a bit disappointing, the inset is incredible.

Weirdly, I couldn’t find any other editions of this, though I’m sure they must exist. Right?

The next two editions are of Eye of the World—both its Amazon Edition (promoting the new TV series—which I haven’t seen and won’t be watching) (and is rather boring in my opinion)—and the 30th anniversary edition (which is just the cover from the first printing, only featuring the image of Lan and Morraine in the middle, surrounded by white, glossy and foil).

And finally, we have the editions of Eye of the World and the Great Hunt that split their books in two, thus turning the first two books into four. I think the idea was to appeal to younger readers that may not see the appeal of a thousand-page brick. So, instead, welcome to the new and improved and even longer Wheel of Time series, beginning with From the Two Rivers, continuing with To the Blight, The Hunt Begins, and finally New Threads in the Pattern.

Next week, come back for Books 4-8 of the Wheel of Time! Hope you enjoyed these special editions! Now go out and buy them all!!

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