The Wheel of Time – The Fall of Jordan (Beautiful World of Books)

So, sorry for the break. I forgot about how much of an insane month May was release-wise, and just how many UK releases I had that were scheduled on Thursdays. Plus, I’ve been feeling particularly unenergetic (non-energetic?), so I didn’t try to squeeze them in even though I really could have.

In addition, I’ve reworked the schedule slightly, as “the Lore & World of” that I originally had scheduled 4th turned out to be only two books. Seriously, I swear that there were more, but if that’s true I couldn’t find them recently.

Therefore, I’m going to repeat Books 8 & 9 and combine the with 10 & 11—the last two that Jordan fully wrote before his untimely death. And I’m going to throw the covers for the “Lore & World of” in at the beginning.







You know, as much as I’m nostalgic for the Tom Dogherty ones (the Tor 1st Editions), I’m starting to come around on the others. In fact, I’d say I probably like a pair of these better than the originals, which I always felt were a bit bland at this stage. Specifically, the Tor 2nd and 3rd’s probably take it, though to be honest the Orbit originals aren’t too bad (the Orbit 2nd’s continue to be bland, boring, and worse than the 1st’s). If I had to pick between the two… I’d be torn. I like the 3rd version of Crossroads better, but prefer the 2nd for Knife of to all others. I’ll can’t wait to see the complete sets here in a couple weeks to make my final call. What about you, which do you prefer?

And, in case you really had to ask, yeah, the World of’s cover is waaaaay better than the super generic Companion’s.

6 thoughts on “The Wheel of Time – The Fall of Jordan (Beautiful World of Books)

  1. Oh boy, and I quite often agree with your aesthetic choices in other cases… but I consider “The World of…” to be the ugliest book in my collection, although cover is ok, some of the internal illustrations make my teeth ache.. and I hate TOR’s first edition covers, totally preferring Orbit’s, but TOR’s third is also ok.

    But I hate the books even more, so that clouds my judgement 😉

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          1. Listened to, at 1.45x at some point, but I did reach the end. It made me abstain from epic fantasy for a year or two…


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