What 100lbs of aluminum looks like

So I spent a month at a job I hated. Emptying trash downtown. But the pay was good and, well, I needed the money. But I did eventually quit—because I hated the work.

My job for this month was to empty the 74 trash cans spread throughout downtown whenever they needed it. 4-5 days a week, 4-6 hours a day. It being me, I also picked the recyclables out of the trash and collected them for later. In the 20 days that I was solo, I collected 117 pounds of aluminum, 86 pounds of plastic, 75 pounds of cardboard, and some tin and miscellaneous others. Altogether it added up to just over 300lbs of recycling. More than 7x as much as I got from the actual recycling bins.

As the price of everything has risen lately, the price of aluminum has dropped. Because of course it has.

3 thoughts on “What 100lbs of aluminum looks like

  1. Wow, pulling 7x more recyclables out of the trash than the recycle bins. That certainly says something. Just wish it was something good. At least for this period of time where you were invovled there was less going into the landfills.

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