Uh, hullo. I’m Will.

I was born somewhere, but that’s not really important. I live in Montana, America. A bit of open space out here, perfect for imagining empty, fantastical worlds. My life hasn’t exactly gone the way I’d once imagined it. I’ve gone through some rough patches, during which time I dove extra deep into books, games. I have quite a lot of anxiety. About… most things. I’m used to it, but it still sucks sometimes. Mostly life is better now, but I’m still reading a lot. What’s important is that here’s I’ll post things. Like reviews of books. Fantasy and Scifi books, mostly. Or games. Maybe some outdoor things, or hikes, or whatever I’m doing. Depends, I guess.

At some point I figured I’d like to connect. Maybe find other people who love the same things I do. Maybe swap recommendations. Commiserate. Complain that I JUST finished Book 2 and have to wait another WHOLE YEAR for #3 to come out. Maybe make some friends. Who knows?

I guess we’ll see how it goes.

Note: If you’re after the cover artist, it’s Tithi Laudthong.