Digital vs. Physical

I’m gonna be brief on this. I realize that some books are made from trees. Pretty much the lot of ’em, actually. Be it fresh trees, recycled trees, or whatnot. Trees are good—they make oxygen. And I think we can agree that oxygen is good.

The point is that despite this, I’m definitely a physical book kinda guy. After I read something, one of two things is true. Either I like it, or I don’t. If I like it, then I’ll generally want to keep it, maybe read it again. I can do this regardless of format. But let’s say I really love it, maybe want to share it with my friends? An physical copy makes this much less painful and non-illegal. Anyway, let’s say I don’t like the book. I’ll generally get rid of it. One of two things again; I’ll either sell it (giving me more money to buy MORE books), or give it away. If it’s an ebook (digital), can’t really do either. Sucks for me. If it’s a physical book, though, I can.

Now, digital books are great. They allow people to read whatever wherever, without having to lug a gigantic tome around (looking at you Way of Kings). I know some people overseas, and ebooks are amazing for them. I still don’t prefer them, though.

And that’s that.

A quick note on libraries: I get a dozen or more books a year from my local library via digital download. Now, I love the library, it’s great, nothing bad to say about it. But, as I live in Montana, which is somewhat… let’s say “less than mainstream”, a fair bit of the time I can’t get what I want to read from them.