Beautiful World of Books – Wheel of Time Recap

Not too much to say about this. It’s just the bloody recap is all; the culmination of the 5-6 posts that have preceded it. I’ll have to work out what to do next, though with my current jobs taxing my energy a bit, I might also just let this segment lie until I find something else that captures my interest enough to resume it. Who knows? Who can say? Let’s just get into it.

But a few notes first:

  • I included a few covers I’d originally missed in specific posts, like the Memory of Light cover for the Tor 2nd’s, which is basically the same (the same picture with a different border) as the Tor 1st version.
  • I included the special split versions of the first two books (eye of the World and the Great Hunt) in the Tor 1st cover section as they bear the same art style. Likewise, I included the Wheel of Time Companion in the Orbit 1st’s, as the art style there is quite similar.
  • I added the final three books to the Orbit 2nd’s, because I felt like I might as well.

Um, anyway…

Eye of the World Anniversary Edition

Tor 1st Editions

Orbit 1st Editions

Tor 2nd Version

Tor 3rd Version

Orbit 2nd Version

And that’s all of them! Did your favorites change upon seeing them all together? I may have the Tor 1st’s in my personal collection, but after this I’d say I’m a convert to the Tor 2nd Versions! I mean, I still HATE the cover of Eye of the World—and vastly prefer the 1st or SE to it—but otherwise it’s pretty much unanimous from me. What do y’all think?

Wheel of Time: Light at the End – Beautiful World of Books

Well, here we are at the close. The end of all things. The Sanderson arc.

I actually quite liked these three entries, especially the last two books, when things started happening again. That said, I can actually understand not enjoying these final three (for you—you know who you are) for a variety of reasons. That being said, this segment ain’t about the plot but the covers! So let’s get this last part underway!

Tor Originals (Tom Dogherty Covers)

Orbit Covers

Tor 2nd Editions

I couldn’t find A Memory of Light cover for this printing, which was disappointing as I was really starting to enjoy them. I’ll give it another shot for the recap next week, but I’m just not sure it exists. Anybody know?

Prime Video Tie-in Editions (Tor 3rd)

And there we are! Which are your favorites? I actually really like the 2nd Tor covers—but of course there’s no final book. And the Tom Dogherty ones—except for the Gathering Storm one that just looks stupid. So I guess I’m going with the Prime Tie-ins. But there’s no clear winner for me.

Come back next week for all the collected covers together (and then after that I’ll actually have to come up with something new…)!

The Wheel of Time – The Fall of Jordan (Beautiful World of Books)

So, sorry for the break. I forgot about how much of an insane month May was release-wise, and just how many UK releases I had that were scheduled on Thursdays. Plus, I’ve been feeling particularly unenergetic (non-energetic?), so I didn’t try to squeeze them in even though I really could have.

In addition, I’ve reworked the schedule slightly, as “the Lore & World of” that I originally had scheduled 4th turned out to be only two books. Seriously, I swear that there were more, but if that’s true I couldn’t find them recently.

Therefore, I’m going to repeat Books 8 & 9 and combine the with 10 & 11—the last two that Jordan fully wrote before his untimely death. And I’m going to throw the covers for the “Lore & World of” in at the beginning.







You know, as much as I’m nostalgic for the Tom Dogherty ones (the Tor 1st Editions), I’m starting to come around on the others. In fact, I’d say I probably like a pair of these better than the originals, which I always felt were a bit bland at this stage. Specifically, the Tor 2nd and 3rd’s probably take it, though to be honest the Orbit originals aren’t too bad (the Orbit 2nd’s continue to be bland, boring, and worse than the 1st’s). If I had to pick between the two… I’d be torn. I like the 3rd version of Crossroads better, but prefer the 2nd for Knife of to all others. I’ll can’t wait to see the complete sets here in a couple weeks to make my final call. What about you, which do you prefer?

And, in case you really had to ask, yeah, the World of’s cover is waaaaay better than the super generic Companion’s.

The Wheel of Time – Rise of the Dragon (Beautiful World of Books)

Welcome to Week #3 of this Wheel of Time showcase, where I’m showing the covers of the epic fantasy series some much needed love. Well, actually I’m not sure that some of them deserve all that much hype, but we’ll get through that later.

In this week’s post, we’ll be looking at Books #5-9, namely—The Fires of Heaven, Lord of Chaos, A Crown of Swords, The Path of Daggers, and Winters’ Heart.

Now, I have to admit that this section of the Wheel of Time is a bit of a flog. I liked the Fires of Heaven, but the three—well, three and a half—proceeding it were a bit of a bore. When Robert Jordan stopped carrying a full complement of characters as POVs (by this I mean mostly Rand, Mat, and Perrin), the story suffered for it. Now, they all have Rand. But Perrin and Mat appear only now and then, and, I can’t remember exactly, but I don’t think these latter two appear in the same book between Fires and Knife of Dreams? I’m not certain. It’s a long stretch, regardless.

Oh, and I dropped the third Tor version because it and the Orbit’s 2nd together were boring me. I’ve kept the other Orbit one for now… the colors are nice.

Tor Originals

Orbit Originals

Tor 2nd Version

Orbit 2nd Version

Little Brown Book Group

And that’s it for this week! What were your favorites? Personally, I don’t think you can really go wrong, but I especially like the newest covers, and the Tor 2nd issues. I mean, I still own the Tor 1st ones, but I may look into acquiring some of the others now…

The Wheel of Time – Early Special Editions

Welcome to Week #3 of this Wheel of Time showcase, where I’m showing the covers of the epic fantasy series some much needed love. Last week I showcased Books #0-4 (New Spring through the Dragon Reborn), and in this week’s segment we’ll feature special editions of the first two books, which—somehow—were the only ones I could find that HAD special editions.

While both Eye of the World and the Greant Hunt had hardback special editions (complete with sleeves), I could only find one rather poor picture of the outside of Eye of the World, I could also only find one photo of the inside of cover of the Great Hunt. And while one’s a bit disappointing, the inset is incredible.

Weirdly, I couldn’t find any other editions of this, though I’m sure they must exist. Right?

The next two editions are of Eye of the World—both its Amazon Edition (promoting the new TV series—which I haven’t seen and won’t be watching) (and is rather boring in my opinion)—and the 30th anniversary edition (which is just the cover from the first printing, only featuring the image of Lan and Morraine in the middle, surrounded by white, glossy and foil).

And finally, we have the editions of Eye of the World and the Great Hunt that split their books in two, thus turning the first two books into four. I think the idea was to appeal to younger readers that may not see the appeal of a thousand-page brick. So, instead, welcome to the new and improved and even longer Wheel of Time series, beginning with From the Two Rivers, continuing with To the Blight, The Hunt Begins, and finally New Threads in the Pattern.

Next week, come back for Books 4-8 of the Wheel of Time! Hope you enjoyed these special editions! Now go out and buy them all!!

Beautiful World of Books – Special

Welcome to a special month-long edition of the Beautiful World of Books, where I showcase one of my favorite series of all time! Now I know that some of the rest of you have your own opinions on whether or not this series is all that great or not (but it is, and that’s that;) —but hopefully you’ll be okay as we spend a few weeks examining the covers that we’ve seen over the course of this 15 book series!

As this is such an expansive and world-renowned series, I’ll be covering it in quite a few posts, starting with the first four books—Eye of the World, The Great Hunt, The Dragon Reborn, and Shadow Rising—along with the prequel, New Spring. After that I’ve a tentative schedule I’ll be looking to follow, but if you know anything about me it’s that schedules and I often have… an issue.

  • From the Two Rivers (Books #0-4) – Thursday, April 14th
  • Early Special Editions (Books #1-2, mostly) – Thursday, April 21st
  • The Rise of the Dragon (Books #5-9) – Thursday, April 28th
  • The Art and Lore of the Wheel of Time – Thursday, May 12th
  • The Breaking of the World (Books #10-14) – Thursday, May 19th
  • Recap and All together (Books #0-14) – Thursday, May 26th

So, please come back tomorrow for the start, or stay away while I rant about how much nostalgia I get from this series. Haha kidding—I promise I won’t do that, like, too much…

Also, just a note, I won’t be talking about the Amazon series at all, mostly because I haven’t seen it. And don’t plan to. You see, I have it all imagined and pictured a certain way in my mind, and I’m not interested in seeing it done up any other way. But if you want to tell me about it, that’s cool. I’m just not going to watch it.